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Pavel Smejtek

Emeritus Professor
Physics Department tel 503-725-3812
Lab #225 Science 1 tel 503-725-8445

Research Interests
Main research interests are focused in two areas:

  • surface and interface properties of artificial and biological membranes
  • environmental membrane biophysics
  • REFERENCES of research papers

    Smejtek, P., Satterfield, L. E., Word, R. C., Abramson, J. J. 2010.
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    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1798: 16891697. [download article]

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    Chemical Research in Toxicology 21: 911-927 [download article]

    Word, R. C., and P. Smejtek. 2005.
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    Effect of length of acyl chains, carbonyl group of lipids and biomembrane structure.
    J Membrane Biol 203: 127-142. [download article]

    Smejtek, P., and R. C. Word. 2004.
    Environmental swap energy and role of configurational entropy in transfer of small molecules from water into alkanes.
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    Int. J. Leadership in Education 3, 391-398

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