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Latest News

December 08/14

New ASAP communication: "Spiroguanidine rhodamines as fluorogenic probes for lysophosphatidic acid," published in Chemical Communications.

June 10/14

New ASAP communication:  "Differences in heterocycle basicity distinguish homocysteine from cysteine using aldehyde-bearing fluorophores," published in Chemical Communications.

June 02/14

Professor Strongin is the recipient of the 2014 John Eliot Allen Teaching Award for the Department of Chemistry.  The awards ceremony will be on Friday, June 6 at the Smith Center Ballroom from 3-5 pm.

February 28/14

New ASAP edge article: "A dual emission fluorescent probe enables simultaneous detection of glutathione and
" published in Chemical Science.

February 10/14

New ASAP communication: "A photochemical method for determining plasma homocysteine with limited sample processing" published in Chemical Communications.

October 02/13

New ASAP article: "Simple enrichment and analysis of plasma lysophosphatidic acids" published in Analyst.

June 14/13

Dr. Strongin met with Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

June 10/13

Read a letter from Dr. Strongin addressing the need for science funding and the impact of the federal budget sequester on sicentific research. The letter is featured in the latest issue of Chemical and Engineering News.  

June 05/12

New ASAP article: "Field Effects Induce Bathochromic Shifts in Xanthene Dyes" published in The Journal of the American Chemical Society .

May 08/12

New ASAP article: "A fast response highly selective probe for the detection of glutathione in human blood plasma" published in Sensors.

May 01/12

New ASAP article: "Progress toward red and near-infrared (NIR) emitting saccharide sensors " published in Pure and Applied Chemistry .

March 27/12

Congratulations to Yixing Guo for getting his degree.

Our research has just been featured in "Chemistry World", a Royal Society trade publication, see here.

  Jan 03/12

Happy New Year 2012!

Congratulations to Soojin Lim for obtaining her Ph.D. degree.

Sep 26/11

Prof. Xiaofeng Yang published a paper entitled "Conjugate Addition/Cyclization Sequence Enables Selective and Simultaneous Fluorescence Detection of Cysteine and Homocysteine" in Angewandte Chemie, Int. Ed .

July 04/11

Our research is highlighted in the American Chemical Society (ACS) Noteworthy Chemistry Section .

We are currently located in rooms 71 and 76, B1 level at the Science Research and Teaching Center (formerly known as Science Building 2).

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Our work focuses on the design and application of new sensors for the selective detection of biologically relevant molecules.

Strongin Group

From left to right:  Jialu Wang, Dr. Martha Sibrian-Vazquez, Dr. Jorge Escobedo, Dr. Mark Lowry, Lovemore Hakuna, Yixing Guo, Dr. Xiaofeng Yang (visiting professor), Dr. Soojin Lim, Shelly Chu and Aabha Barve.

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