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Some recent (and not so recent) transportation alums


Ahmed M. El-Geneidy

Jaturapat Bhiromkaew



Carolyn Bonner

Dan Bower

Theresa Carr

Steve Hansen

Shimon Israel

Tom Kloster

Matt Lasky

Sumi Malik

John Mermin

Tom Moes

Darren Muldoon


Casey Nolan

Mike Rose

Shayna Rehberg

Jay Renkens

Kerri Sullivan Woehler

Allison Wildman

Erin Wilson Wardell

Dan Zalkow

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Ahmed M. El-Geneidy
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies
PhD, Urban Studies and Planning, PSU, 2005
M.A., Architectural Engineering, University of Alexandria, Egypt
B.A., Architectural Engineering, University of Alexandria, Egypt

Ahmed received a BA and MA in Architectural Engineering from University of Alexandria Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria Egypt. He is currently working on the Access to Destinations project at the University of Minnesota, measuring accessibility in the Twin Cities region for auto and non-auto travel modes.  Ahmed earned his PhD in Urban Studies and Planning from Portland State University in June of 2005. His dissertation title was "The use of advanced information technology in urban public transportation systems: An evaluation of bus stop consolidation policy." Ahmed's research interests include geographic information systems (GIS), public transit, land use and transportation planning.

Jaturapat Bhiromkaew
Ph.D. in Urban Studies: Regional Science, 2006
BA in Public Administration, the Police Cadet Academy, Thailand
Master degree in Public Administration, Portland State University

Before moving the United States in 1999 to further his education, Jaturapat had been working with the Royal Thai Police Department in Bangkok. Jaturapat's research of interests includes urban transportation and land use, GIS, and travel behavior. His dissertation is about modeling residential location choice and commuting mode choice, using the 1994 Portland activity data. While studying at Portland State University, Jaturapat was a graduate research assistant in Center for Urban Studies, and during the 2004 summer he did research on land value taxation. Jaturapat has been an active police officer of the Royal Thai Police Department.

kevin balmer
MURP, Portland State University, 2006
BA, Political Science, Georgia State University

Kevin is a GIS analyst working on developing computer-aided dispatch databases for a major transportation firm. Kevin's transportation research interests include evaluating the efficiency of pick up and delivery (P&D) freight movements, the impact of freight on land use, light rail transit site and survey studies, and streetscape designs. He is a principal in Cascadia Planners (CP); a start up company founded by a group of current and recently graduated PSU MURP students. Kevin is also co-founder of a digital media PSU student group, Sustainable Community Media, whose video productions explore a wide range of local community-based planning issues set against the urban backdrop of Portland, OR.

Steve hansen
MURP, Portland State University, 2005
BS, Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Cornell University
Current Position: Planner/Transportation Modeler, Metro

Steve's interests include traffic flow theory, transportation and land use modeling, and sustainable development. Steve worked as a graduate research assistant for Dr. Robert Bertini in the ITS Laboratory, studying traffic features related to queued and congested flows using loop detector data from a highway in Germany. His work experience includes managing a datawarehouse of nationwide sales data for a 5,000 person sales force. As an intern at 1000 Friends of Oregon, he helped coordinate a community design charrette. Before moving to Portland, Oregon, Steve spent two years as a ski instructor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Experiencing the natural beauty of Jackson Hole while observing the transportation and land use challenges associated with rapid growth inspired him to pursue a career in urban planning. Steve is now working for Metro as a transportation modeler.

shimon israel
MURP, Portland State University, 2002
BA, Environmental Studies, University of California at Santa Cruz
Current Position: Associate Transportation Planner/Analyst, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), Oakland, CA

After completing an internship with PB Consult in Portland, Shimon pursued work with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in his hometown of Oakland, CA.  In between his transportation modeling and U.S. Census research responsibilities at MTC, Shimon finds time for volunteering with at-risk youth, bike touring (see photo at left), working on his house, and catching up with old friends in the area.  Prior to planning, Shimon worked in environmental consulting, cleaning up Navy bases in the Bay Area and insuring groundwater/wastewater compliance in the Chicagoland region.

Tom Kloster
MURP, Portland State University, 1986
BS, Geosciences, Oregon State University, 1984
Current Position: Transportation Planning Manager, Metro

Tom Kloster is a native of Portland, Oregon, and has worked as a city planner in the Portland area for 18 years. Since 1993, he's worked for Metro, the elected regional government in Portland, where he manages the transportation planning program. Before that, he worked at the municipal level as a city planner. He lives in the St. Johns district of Portland and is an active in a number of community planning projects in my own community -- most recently a new town center plan for St. Johns and main street plan for North Lombard Street.

Tom started his Great Streets web site as an outlet for his love of photography and concern for putting "community" back into city planning. It's strictly non-profit, and intended as a resource to help others create a better future for their own communities. He also has a sister web site on places to visit on Oregon's backroads.


matt lasky
MURP, Portland State University, 2005
BS, Psychology, University of Oregon
Current position: Planner, Alta Planning+Design, Berkeley, CA

Before moving to Portland, Matt worked in the media department at the Sierra Club in San Francisco and developed media attention for the organization's smart growth program. His experience at the Sierra Club as well as volunteer work for the Greenbelt Alliance and the Association of Bay Area Governments led Matt to the MURP program at PSU. While at PSU Matt worked for Dr. Robert Bertini in the ITS Laboratory on a project examining the performance of a travel time monitoring system on Highway 18 between McMinnville and Lincoln City, Oregon. He also worked for Dr. Jennifer Dill on a project examining travel behavior at transit-oriented developments.

Matt's Field Area Paper: Understanding the Link Between Bicyclists and Light Rail: Survey Results from Bicycle Riders on MAX in Portland, Oregon.

Matt's Planning Workshop Project: Roseway-Sandy Streetscape Concept Plan


Lance lindahl
MURP, Portland State University, 2006
BS, Planning, Public Policy and Management, University of Oregon

While a MURP student, Lance worked as an intern for Metro regional government where he assisted on a variety of bicycle and pedestrian projects, including the transportation plan for the new city of Damascus. A life-long Oregon resident, Lance has been active in his neighborhood association, including issues surrounding the extension of MAX light rail to the south. He also works with Oregon Research Institute on a long-term behavioral research project that is examining the effects of environmental influences on people's physical activity patterns.
Web Links:
Oregon Research Institute
Brooklyn Neighborhood
Portland History
sumi malik
MURP, Portland State University, 2006
BS, Biology, Indiana University
Current Position: Planner, CH2MHill

Sumi left the Midwest to get away from its auto-dominated landscape, and moved to Portland because of its walkable communities, thriving downtown, progressive politics and renowned transit system. Inspired by Portland's transportation options and commitment to planning, Sumi decided to undergo a career change and pursue planning as a profession. She specialized in Transportation and Environmental planning. Her interests include transportation growth management, transportation demand management, pedestrian issues, transit, freight, goods and services delivery, and transportation system management. The list is ever expanding. Sumi completed internships with Portland Office of Transportation, working on Portland's first Freight Master Plan, and URS Corporation, in addition to working as a GRA with Professor Dill. When she is not occupied thinking about transportation, she enjoys film, cooking and spending time with her friends, family, boyfriend and kitty cat. She also reluctantly serves as a board member of her highly political condo homeowners association. She currently works as a transportation planner for CH2MHill.

tom moes
MURP, Portland State University, 2006
B.A., Business Management, St. John's/St. Benedict University, Collegeville, MN
Current position: Planner, Southestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

Tom worked in the ITS Laboratory on the Community and School Traffic Safety Partnership project to help improve traffic safety enforcement, engineering, and education for all modes of travel. His academic interests include school facility planning and creating safer bicycle and walking routes for kids to travel to school. He also likes anything active and outdoors such as hiking in the Cascades, biking through the streets of Portland, and playing frisbee golf.


Casey Nolan
MURP, Portland State University, 2005
BA, Environmental Studies, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

Hailing from Iowa, Casey moved west to attend the University of Montana. While earning his B.A. in Environmental Studies, he worked with transportation organizations in an effort to bring more transportation options to the college community. As a volunteer member of the University's Office of Transportation, Casey developed an interest in community and transportation planning, which ultimately landed him at PSU in the Urban Planning program. Between college and graduate school, he spent the winter skiing at Alta, Utah, and the summers mountain biking in Montana and wherever trails could be found. He worked in the ITS Laboratory for Dr. Robert Bertini on a project measuring the impacts of speed reduction technologies on highway safety. Casey's presentation on the research can be seen here:


jay renkens
MURP, Portland State University, 2005
MA, Movement & Sport Science, Purdue University, Indiana
BS, Health Promotion & Wellness, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Jay Renkens is now working for City of Portland Office of Transportation. Jay was one of the founding members of the PSU Cycling Club.

Jay's Planning Workshop Project: Roseway-Sandy Streetscape Concept Plan


mike tresidder
MURP, Portland State University, 2005
BS, Chemistry, University of Oregon
Current Position: Planner, Atla Planning+Design, Portland, OR

After receiving a degree in Chemistry and realizing that he didn't actually want to spend his days in a chemistry lab, Mike quickly joined the Peace Corps, where he served for 2 years in Zimbabwe as a science teacher. Upon his return, Mike worked on the political campaigns of Hardy Myers and Maria Rojo de Steffey, as well as at OHSU. His experiences in Zimbabwe and his decision to start commuting by bicycle sparked his interest in transportation and land use and led him to pursue a career in urban planning. Working with Dr. Jennifer Dill, Mike conducted GIS research for a study of street connectivity measurements for bicycle and pedestrians in the Portland Metro area. Currently, Mike works as a planner at Alta Planning + Design in Portland. Mike is a native Oregonian (a rare find these days) who enjoys road bicycling, hiking and reading in his spare time. Here are some of Mike's favorite web links:

Mike's Field Area Paper: Using GIS to Measure Connectivity: An Exploration of Issues
Mike's Planning Workshop Project: Roseway-Sandy Streetscape Concept Plan


erin wilson WARDELL
MURP, Portland State University, 2006
BS, Urban and Regional Studies, Cornell, 2001
Current Position: Planner, PB, Portland, OR

Erin was born in southern California and moved to Grants Pass, Oregon, when she was ten. After high school, Erin went on to Cornell University where she earned a BS in Urban and Regional Studies. During college she interned with the Planning Departments at the City of Grants Pass and Tompkins County, NY. Erin's first job out of college was on a political campaign in New York City. While there she experienced mass transit and the joy of watching subway rats. She soon found herself longing for the Pacific Northwest and moved to Portland where she worked as a program manager and community organizer for the American Cancer Society. Erin is interested in public transportation, congestion, and the links between transportation options and health. While at PSU, she worked as a GRA in the ITS Laboratory on traffic safety projects. Erin interned at PBConsult, where she is now working full time as a planner on integrated transportation/land use models for Oregon and Ohio.

carolyn bonner
MURP, Portland State University, 2004
BA, Economics, La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA
Current Position: Planner, Ferguson & Associates, Bend, OR

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Carolyn worked for 5 years in the community and youth development fields both in Philadelphia and Portland before beginning graduate school. Her academic interests are regional transportation planning, bicycle and pedestrian design and safety, and public transportation. Her planning experience includes internships with the Central Oregon Intergovermental Council (COIC) and the City of Bend coordinating the Transportation Demand Management Program. Carolyn's career goal is to work on bicycle and pedestrian programs or in regional transportation planning. When she's not concentrating on transportation, Carolyn enjoys running, soccer, rockclimbing, community activism and Latin American issues. She's also working for Ferguson & Associates, a transportation consulting firm in Bend, OR, helping establish the new metropolitan planning organization for Bend.

Carolyn worked on the Planning Workshop Project "Building Active Communities - Linking Lents."



dan bower
MURP, Portland State University, 2004
Bachelor of Business Administration: Economics, Gonzaga University, WA
Current Position: Project Manager, City of Portland Office of Transportation

Dan works with the Transportation Options division with the City of Portland. A Portland native, Dan returned to his homeland after spending three years in the “ Inland Empire ” of Spokane , Washington and one year in Florence, Italy getting his undergraduate degree in Economics. Currently Dan is working with small business owners in Portland, setting up sustainable transportation programs for their employees. Dan recently finished a cost benefit analysis of the “Fareless Square” extension to the Lloyd District and also facilitates a citizen activist class called Portland Traffic and Transportation. Dan enjoys brewing beer, biking, playing soccer, working on his house, keeping his neighbors in line and finishing projects his wife starts. Other activities of interest include hiking, drinking coffee, napping, and walking his dogs Emma (the beagle) and Zoe (the mutt).

Dan worked on the Planning Workshop Project "Building Active Communities - Linking Lents."


theresa carr
MURP, Portland State University, 2003
Current Position: Planner, CH2MHill, Portland, OR

Prior to the MURP program, Theresa worked for Sount Transit in Seattle. While in the MURP program, she interned at Angelo Eaton and Associates, the City of Portland, and Kittelson and Associates, working on a variety of transportation projects. She was a graduate assistant for professor Dill, coauthoring a paper on bicycle commuting. Her field area paper was about the travel patterns of elderly in the Portland region. She is currently a planner with CH2M Hill in Portland. Theresa was the Outstanding Student of the Year for TransNow, the Region 10 University Transporation Center.

Theresa's Field Area Paper: The Mobility of Elderly Persons in the Portland Metropolitan Region


john mermin
MURP, Portland State University, 2004
BA, Urban Studies, Brown University
Current Position: Transportation Planner, Metro, Portland, OR

John was born and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. His background includes work as a transportation analyst for a private consulting firm in Boston, MA.  He currently works as a transportation planner for the Metro regional government.  His professional interests include urban design, bicycle/pedestrian planning, transit oriented development and main-street revitalization.  John enjoys playing mandolin & guitar, cooking, walking, bicycling, hiking, and taking naps on his front porch.

John worked on the Planning Workshop Project - "Power of Place: Developing Community Valued Destinations and Character on SE Division Street."

darren muldoon
MURP, Portland State University, 2004
Current Position: Planner, CH2MHill, Portland, OR

Darren was born and raised in the monotonous suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area, unaware of what urban planning was until living in the Washington D.C. area and taking planning courses at the University of Maryland . Darren then followed his family to Oregon to complete his undergraduate degree and to pursue a career in planning. Darren is now an environmental planner for Parsons Brinckerhoff where he works on transportation infrastructure projects. Darren is currently working on the planning and NEPA documentation for two highway interchange projects in southwest Washington. In his free time Darren enjoys remodeling his house, attending OSU sporting events, traveling, the outdoors, and lounging around.

Darren's Field Area Paper: The Impact of Airport Noise and Proximity to an Airport on Residential Property Sale Values: A Case Study of the Portland-Hillsboro Airport


Shayna Marlene Rehberg
MURP, Portland State University, 2003
BA, Environmental Science, Willamette University
Current Position: Planner, Angelo Planning Group

Raised in San Diego, Shayna became interested in growth management and transportation planning through a background in environmental studies.  She came to the MURP program after working for three years as a legal administrative assistant for the land use planning advocacy organization 1000 Friends of Oregon.  Her favorite areas of study during the program were transportation planning with a focus on pedestrian and bicycle mobility for children, regional planning and cooperation amongst jurisdictions, and geographic data analysis using GIS.  Her internship with the Institute for Metropolitan Studies gave her the opportunity to work with the Damascus Fire House Study Group, a unique gathering of public officials, service providers, and community group representatives convened to discuss coordination issues in an urbanizing section of the Portland metropolitan region.  She is currently employed with the consulting firm Angelo Eaton & Associates in downtown Portland, working on development applications, school district facility plans, studies of measures to limit the transportation system impacts of new development, incorporating "green street" principles into local development codes, and breaking down the black box of the State Transportation Improvment Program process.  In her free time, Shayna talks on the phone with her parents, spends time with friends, paddles outrigger canoes, bikes, hikes, climbs, dances, and lounges with her two cats.

Shayna's Field Area Paper: Safe Routes to School in Portland, Oregon


Mike Rose
MURP, Portland State University, 2004
MLA, University of Oregon
Current Position: Planner, Alta Planning + Design, Portland, OR

Born in Portland, Oregon, Mike worked as a Landscape Architect for Design Workshop Inc. in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Some projects highlights included visual simulation work for Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and the City of Rio Rancho. More recently he has created 3D imagery of proposed projects for TriMet, The Port of Portland and Oregon State University. While at PSU, Mike worked on a study of the ODOT Region 1 Incident Response program. He is interested in the links between land use & transportation, as well as the effects of neighborhood and street design on the travel choices people make. Mike enjoys using GIS and 3D modeling tools to analyze transportation patterns. He currently works as a planner for Alta Planning + Design. He loves to spend time with his two children, kicking a ball, or playing hide and seek.

Mike won an award for his poster presented at the Northwest Tranpsortation Conference held Feb. 10-12, 2004 in Corvallis, OR titled Neighborhood Design and Mode Choice. His Field Area Paper describes that work further. Mike worked on the Planning Workshop Project "Building Active Communities - Linking Lents."



Kerri Sullivan Woehler
BA, Political Science, Demography, Western Washington University
MURP, Portland State University, 2003
Current Position: Transportation Planner, Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council

Kerri taught a course in argumentation and coached intercollegiate debate at Western Washington University prior to joining the MURP program.   As a student at PSU, Kerri was a graduate research assistant for the Longitudinal Study for Adult Learning, a panel study on adult literacy development.  She used data from the study in her field area paper, which examined the relationship between car ownership and employment of non-high school graduates.  Kerri also worked for professor Bertini on a paper for ODOT's Road User Fee Task Force, and interned at the City of Portland and Clackamas County.  She is currently the transportation planner for the Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council, a small metropolitan planning organization in North Central Washington State.

Kerri's Field Area Paper: Transportation & Work: Exploring Car Usage and Employment Outcomes in the LSAL Data


Allison Wildman
MURP, Portland State University, 2003
B.S., Sociology, Portland State University, 2000
Fine Arts and Design, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1996
Current Position: Planner, SERA Architects, Portland, OR

Allison is now working as a planner at SERA Architects. After finishing the MURP, she was a planner with Alta Planning + Design, who specializes in bicycle, pedestrian, and trail planning and design.  Her interest in non-motorized transportation blossomed when she moved to Portland in 1997 and acquired a turquoise blue 1968 Volkswagen Beetle that promptly blew up, forcing her to bicycle or walk everywhere. Allison has been with Alta for nearly two years and has worked on dozens of local and national bicycle and pedestrian plans and projects.  She also has academic interests in community livability and improving public health. Before joining Alta, Allison worked with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to develop the "Bicycle-Friendly Communities Report Card" to help communities lobby their local government for better bicycle facilities and programs. In her free time, Allison spends as much time as possible in the mountains biking, climbing, and snow riding with her partner Bill and their two dogs. Here are a few of Allison's favorite web links:



dan zalkow
MURP, Portland State University, 2004
BA, Psychology & Statistics, University of Georgia
Current Position: Transportation & Parking Manager, PSU

Dan manages Transportation and Parking Services for PSU, and enjoys the ability to create and enhance alternative transportation programs for PSU employees and students. He also is actively involved working on issues concerning the downtown neighborhood, regional transportation options and transit operations. After moving back to his home town of Atlanta after undergraduate school to work a corporate job, he left the city and spent a year traveling the country seeking a better quality of life. He moved to Portland in 1999, and began taking MURP classes as soon as he realized that nearly everything that he disliked about Atlanta was due to poor transportation and land use planning. You may likely see him doing his favorite pastime -- walking the streets of downtown Portland daydreaming of how to best plan and manage a city.

Dan worked on the Planning Workshop Project - "South Park Blocks Area Development Strategy."

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