Files to Recreate the Trilemma Indexes

Joshua Aizenman

University of Southern California and NBER

Chinn Ito

University of Wisconsin, Madison, and NBER

Hiro Ito

Portland State University



This website presents the STATA program files and datasets that will allow you to replicate our trilemma indexes.


Please follow the following instructions.


1.     Downloading all the files below.









2.     "" file.


If you want to replicate our indexes using our data, use "mm_forex_month.dta" and use line 14 in the "" file. If you want to replicate the indexes using your data, use "barry_data.dta" and keep lines 13-14 as they are.


"" has information regarding the base and sample countries. This file is necessary even if you use your own interest rate and exchange rate data.


You should be able to recreate the indexes. BUT at the same time, there can be some things which I (wrongly) assume people would understand, but which are unclear or misleading.