The Trilemma Indexes


Joshua Aizenman

University of Southern California and NBER

Menzie Chinn

University of Wisconsin, Madison and NBER

Hiro Ito

Portland State University



The "Trilemma" or the "Impossible Trinity"


In macroeconomic management, policy makers must face a trade-off of choosing two, not all, of the three policy choices: monetary independence, exchange rate stability, and financial openness. This is the famous hypothesis in international finance called the "trilemma" or the "impossible trinity."


History has shown that different international financial systems haven attempted to achieve combinations of two out of the three policy goals. For example, the Gold Standard system guaranteed capital mobility and exchange rate stability while the Bretton Woods system provided monetary autonomy and exchange rate stability.


The figure to the right intuitively shows that it is not at all possible to be simultaneously on all three sides of the triangle. For a comprehensive description of the hypothesis, refer to Aizenman (2010).





The "Trilemma Indexes"


We introduced the "trilemma indexes" in Aizenman, Chinn, and Ito (NBER Working Paper # 14533) to quantify the degree of achievement along the three dimensions of the "trilemma" hypothesis: monetary independence, exchange rate stability, and financial openness, for more than 170 countries. These indexes have since been updated. The monetary independence (MI) Index are now available for 171 countries from 1960 through 2012; the exchange rate stability (ERS) index for 179 countries from 1961 through 2012; and the financial openness index (KAOPEN; Chinn-Ito index, JDE 2006) 181 countries from 1970 through 2011 (KAOPEN will be updated to 2012 around the spring of 2014). More complete information on the coverage of the countries can be found here.


            The indexes are available in the Excel or STATA format.


            The data description is available here.


            A more complete dataset and more detailed data descriptions for KAOPEN can be found at the Chinn-Ito index website.


            If you still have questions after reading the data description, please contact Hiro Ito (


            © 2010 by Joshua Aizenman, Menzie D. Chinn, and Hiro Ito. All rights reserved. Please reference our paper when you use the indexes.



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November 5, 2013