Tom Hastings
adjunct, Conflict Resolution MA/MS
Neuberger Hall 451R
Portland State University

Courses I teach

Spring 2001: Environmental Conflict Resolution (CR 410, CR 510)
Purpose of course:
This course is designed to introduce ourselves to the field of Environmental
Conflict Resolution. We assume you have little experience in the field,
though some will have extensive credentials in one aspect of conflict
resolution or environmental studies, some will know a bit about most of what
we examine and some will have much to teach all of us. No one knows it all
and everyone can benefit from this open-ended look at a field of study just
beginning to offer results to a world in need of better methods of halting
environmental degradation and of violence avoidance. Our assumption and
bias is that both pollution and destructive conflict are undesirable and that,
paradoxically, our modern conveniences and modern weaponry
(“protection”) are often the greatest threats to our species. The fields we will
examine include conflict resolution, negotiation, intercultural communication,
cross-cultural conflict resolution, environmental conflict from local to
global, international political conflict, interpersonal communication and how
these disciplines merge to provide background and tools for environmental
conflict resolution.

Summer 2001: Teaching Nonviolence to Adjudicated Youth (Chemeketa Campus)
Theory and practice of nonviolence applied to at-risk and adjudicated youth.