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Improving Your Syllabus: Developing a good syllabus and making it learner centered
Focus on Faculty Presentation, September 19, 2007

The primary focus of my research is on psycholinguistic approaches to childhood language acquisition (both first and second), with an interest in adult second language acquisition as well. I am particularly interested in how individuals acquire the structure of their language and the relationship between working memory and language acquisition. I have a secondary interest in the general scholarship of teaching, and am interested in pursuing questions of how individuals learn to structure information. Much of my research is interdisciplinary and combines techniques and information from linguistics, psychology, communication disorders and education.

Research Interests

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For teaching, my primary interests lie in the area of language acquisition, psycholinguistics and linguistic theory. I seek to equip students with tools which they can use to undertake their own analysis of issues or data. I also strive to have students connect theory with data and see how the two inform each other. Finally, I wish to demystify the academic and research process for students and to help students become comfortable with producing forms of analysis and writing used in the field of linguistics.

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