Linus Pauling Medalists
The Pauling Award Medal recognizing outstanding achievement in chemistry is presented annually by the Puget Sound, Oregon, and Portland Sections of the American Chemical Society. The award is named after Dr. Linus Pauling, a native of the Pacific Northwest, because of the inspiration of his example. A nominee shall have made outstanding contributions to chemistry of a character that have merited national and international recognition. The host section for the Pauling Award shall rotate on an annual basis.

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Portland State University

American Chemical Society

1966 Linus Pauling

1967 Manfred Eigen

1968 Herbert C. Brown

1969 Henry Eyring

1970 Harold C. Urey

1971 Gerhard Herzberg

1972 E. Bright Wilson

1973 E. J. Corey

1974 Roald Hoffmann

1975 Paul D. Bartlett

1976 F. Albert Cotton

1977 John A. Pople

1979 Daniel E. Koshland

1980 John D. Roberts

1978 Dudley Herschbach

1981 Henry Taube

1982 George Pimentel

1983 Gilbert Stork

1984 John S. Waugh

1985 Harold A. Scheraga

1986 Harry B. Gray

1987 Harden M. McConnell

1988 Keith U. Ingold

1989 Neil Bartlett

1990 James P. Collman

1991 Rudolph Marcus

1992 Kenneth Wiberg

1993 Richard N. Zare

1994 James A. Ibers

1995 Alexander Rich

1996 Kyriacos C. Nicolaou

1997 Ahmed H. Zewail

1998 Allen J. Bard

1999 Peter B. Dervan

2000 Gabor A. Somorjai

2001 Tobin J. Marks

2002 John I. Brauman

2003 Robert H. Grubbs

2004 Martin Karplus

2005 George Whitesides

2006 Peter Stang

2007 Jacqueline K. Barton

2008 Thomas C. Bruice

2009 Stephen J. Lippard