Chemistry 332 - Winter 1997

Extra Credit Molecules - General Information

No more than once per week, you may request a molecule to investigate for extra credit by e-mailing to me at

Individual molecules will be sent out once per week on Monday morning.

Specific information about the molecule (see below) must be e-mailed back for up to 2 points extra credit.

When you return information about a molecule, I will assume that you would like another molecule sent out in the next week's batch (no need to resend another request each week). However, you cannot get another molecule if you have one unreturned.

If you feel you have an unusually difficult molecule and can't find enough information about it, e-mail me.

Based on 9 weeks and 2 points each, maximum extra credit is 18 points, on the same scale as other points.

The e-mail response you receive will look like this (with the name of your molecule filled in).

******* Chem 332 - Extra Credit - Jan 13 - Batch 1 *******

Answer the following questions by return e-mail. (2 points extra credit maximum)

If you respond before Monday 8 am, you will get another molecule in next week's batch (you don't need to ask specifically).

Your molecule is

1) Give the molecular formula.

2) Identify the number of carbons that are:
stereogenic cennters

3) Identify at least two functional groups that are present.

4) Indicate the biological function or activity.

5) Indicate your sources of information.