Chemistry 332 - Spring 1996
Elements of Organic Chemistry II

Quiz, Chapter 12 - Amines
Take-Home Quiz

Due Tuesday, May 14, 1996, 4:30 pm (at the start of class)

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1. (7 points) A typical azo dye is shown below. Develop a synthetic sequence for this compound, starting with benzene (and methyl iodide) as your only source of carbon.

2. (3 points) Glycine (2-aminoethanoic acid) is the simplest of the natural amino acids. Using the pKa data on page 444 of your text, write the structure of glycine as it would appear in aqueous solution at pH values between 1 and 14.
(i.e., between pH x and y it would look like .... , between y and z ...... )