Chem 334 - Fall 1999
Organic Chemistry I

Dr. Carl C. Wamser

The Class Discussion List

(Note - step 3 below has been modified and step 6 has been added)

What's our Class Discussion List?

An e-mail discussion list (or list server) distributes e-mail to everyone on the list. Everyone in the class should sign up and will be a member of the list. (see below for sign-up instructions)

The discussion list will be called OCHEM-L for all three terms this year (Chem 334, 335 & 336).

What's the benefit?

Think of the Discussion List as open office hours, always available to drop off questions or comments to me or to your fellow students.

I also use it to post announcements like unexpected changes in the schedule, and you may use it to post requests like checking out whether anyone is interested in setting up a study group for a particular time or place.

How do I sign up?

1) Log on to your usual location for sending and receiving e-mail.

2) Send an e-mail to the ListServer at the following e-mail address:

3) Leave the subject field blank. In the message field there should be only one line:

subscribe OCHEM-L your e-mail address

For example, when I signed on, I wrote:


4) You should receive an e-mail message back very soon asking you to confirm that you do wish to be added; it's also the computer's way of checking that it really got your e-mail address right. Follow any instructions in the computer's message to you.

5) When you have something to send to the list the address is different:

to post to the List:

To keep this straight, remember that "majordomo" is the name of the computer in charge and "OCHEM-L" is the name of our discussion list. Once you sign on, you shouldn't need to e-mail to "majordomo" again.

6) You can review e-mail postings to the list by going to the web archive at

Should I send e-mail to Dr. Wamser or to the Discussion List?

to e-mail to Dr. Wamser:

to post to the List:

If your message is private or could only be of interest to you, send an e-mail to me.

If your message could be of interest to another member of the class, I strongly encourage you to post it to the list. If it is a question for me, I will answer it on the list, and everyone will have the benefit of your message, and my answer. I encourage you to imagine that nearly anything of interest to you as a student in this class probably is of interest to someone else in the class.

Depending on the traffic on the discussion list and the nature of the messages, I may not respond to all messages that appear there. I encourage other class members to contribute answers, even if I was the one asked the question.