Chem 334 - Fall 1999
Organic Chemistry I

Dr. Carl C. Wamser

Computer Resources

Programs available in the Chemistry Commons (Science Building 1, Room 221)

The room is staffed by chemistry graduate students, who also serve as tutors.

Organic Reaction Mechanisms (ORM)

- animations of reactions, including reaction energy profiles

Chem TV (CD checked out from the TA desk)

- animations of reactions

Chem TV / Choices (CD checked out from the TA desk)

- various review topics, animations, and even games

Organic Nomenclature

- practice problems on naming organic compounds

ChemDraw and Chem 3D

- drawing of molecular structures, including 3D
- you can download your own free copy of ChemDraw (see below)


- molecular modeling and calculations

IR Tutor

- an excellent introduction to light, absorption properties, and spectra
- includes numerous examples of infrared spectra with explanations

Spectra Deck

- complete sets of spectra for numerous representative compounds
- each compound has an IR, H-NMR, C-NMR, MS, plus additional data

Spectrum Simulator

- see the H-NMR spectrum as you create a molecular structure

Chemistry programs available for purchase on the web:

Organic Reaction Mechanisms (ORM) ( )

ChemOffice ( )

ChemTV ( )

Chemistry 3D visualization programs free on the web:

Chime - ( )

RasMol - ( )

Chemistry drawing programs free on the web:

ISIS/Draw - ( )

ChemWeb - ( )

ChemDraw - ( )

To receive the free ChemDraw, use the coupon code free0905 .
This offer is limited to one download per customer, and expires in 30 days
(but they usually renew it - get on their e-mail list for updates).