Chem 334 - Fall 1999
Organic Chemistry I

Dr. Carl C. Wamser

Chapter 4 Pre-Quiz

1. Which statement about enantiomers is NOT true?

a) They have identical melting points

b) They have identical boiling points

c) The magnitude of their specific rotations is identical

d) They have identical densities

e) They react at the same rate with chiral reagents

2. Which compound is the mirror image (enantiomer) of the compound shown below?




d) all of them

e) just a & b

f) just a & c

g) just b & c

3. If a Fischer projection of a chiral molecule is rotated by 90°, the result is a Fischer projection of

a) the original compound

b) the enantiomer of the original compound

c) neither

4. Of the compounds below, the only one that is chiral is

a) 1-bromohexane

b) bromocyclohexane

c) 1,1-dibromocyclohexane

d) trans-1,2-dibromocyclohexane

e) trans-1,4-dibromocyclohexane

5. How many stereoisomers would be expected for compounds that could be written as

a) none

b) 1

c) 2

d) 4

e) 8