Chem 334 - Fall 1999
Organic Chemistry I

Dr. Carl C. Wamser

Chapter 3 Pre-Quiz

1. The conjugate base of water is

a) H2O

b) H3O+

c) HO-

d) none of the above

2. A compound with a pKa of -2 would be considered

a) a strong acid

b) a weak acid

c) neutral

d) a weak base

e) a strong base

f) impossible

3. A compound with a pKa of 5 would have an acid dissociation constant of

a) 5

b) 100,000

c) 5,000

d) 1/5000

e) 0.00001

4. The relative order of acidity is

a) H2O > NH3 > HF

b) H2O > HF > NH3

c) NH3 > HF > H2O

d) NH3 > H2O > HF

e) HF > H2O > NH3

f) HF > NH3 > H2O

5. Carboxylic acids are stronger acids than alcohols primarily due to the effects of

a) electronegativity

b) H-bonding

c) resonance

d) formal charges