Chem 334 - Fall 1999
Organic Chemistry I

Dr. Carl C. Wamser

Chapter 9 - Alcohols and Thiols

Functional groups

alcohol: R-O-H (hydroxyl group)
thiol: R-S-H (sulfhydryl group)

Alcohol Classification

Alcohol Nomenclature

Alcohol Examples

Alcohol Example


Thiol Nomenclature

Structure of Alcohols

Structure of Thiols

Properties of Alcohols

Hydrogen Bonding

Effects of H-Bonding

Properties of Thiols

Acid-Base Reactions

Acidity of Alcohols

Alkoxide Anions

Oxygen Functional Groups

Reactions of Alcohols

Substitution Reactions with HX

Halogen Substitution with Other Reagents

Alkyl Sulfonates

Dehydration (Elimination) Reactions

The Zaitsev Rule

Pinacol Rearrangement

Alcohol Oxidation Reactions

Glycol Oxidation Reactions

Thiol Reactions