Thomas Fox Thornton
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Portland State University
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I specialize in sociocultural anthropology, environmental anthropology, and policy. My research interests are primarily in
Native North America, especially the Northwest Coast and Circumpolar areas, although I also have lived and taught in
China. My research to date has focused primarily on senses of place, ecology and resource management, and
subsistence economies, especially among Alaska Natives. This work informs my teaching directly (see courses). More
recently I have become interested in evolving relationships between indigenous people and nation-states, especially as
concerns land tenure, resource conservation and sustainable development, sociopolitical leadership, and cultural
maintenance and revitalization programs.

Contact Information:
Portland State University
Department of Anthropology
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751 USA
Department of Anthropology
141 Cramer Hall
1721 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97201 USA

Phone: 503-725-3316
Fax: 503-725-3905
Office: 141P


  • Anthropology 103 - Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology [syllabus .pdf]
  • Anthropology 313 - Indian-White Relations [syllabus .pdf]
  • Anthropology 314 - Native Americans [syllabus .pdf]
  • Anthropology 320 - Native Americans of the Northwest Coast [syllabus .pdf]
  • Anthropology 335 - Anthropology of Space, Place, and Landscape
  • Anthropology 414/514 - Culture and Ecology [syllabus .pdf]
  • Anthropology 417/517 - Advanced Topics in Native American Studies
  • Anthropology 418/518 - Environmental Anthropology [syllabus .pdf]


Last Updated November 1, 2006