Try Sailing with Me

You can go sailing with me even if you have never sailed before and know nothing about sailing. Although I do sometimes take out people interested in just a boat ride, I especially enjoy taking out people who have a real interest in sailing, want to learn more about sailing, and want to participate in sailing the boat.

Sailing is not for everyone. If you want boating that is easy and gets you somewhere fast, then sailing is not for you. If you find attractive a sport involving some complexity and work to harness basic forces of nature, then you might enjoy sailing.

If you would like to learn a little about sailing before going out:

What to bring (and not bring) with you sailing:

Further emphasis on shoe requirements:

I sail all times of the year, including showery weather, but avoid steady rain.

Sailing Videos (shows typical sailing on the Columbia River, and also sailing offshore and in strong conditions)
My Current Sailboat, S/V Ubiquity
Directions to my Sailboat
The Best Place to Park when Sailing with Me