Juana López                         

Spanish 302. Sec. ___                        

Borrador # 1, etc. o Versión final      

28 de octubre de 2003

# de palabras

La novela caballeresca y El Nuevo Mundo*




*Do not write the word “title,” do not underline, bold, or italicize the title.  Title must summarize the thesis of your composition.  Please, no embellishments in the title (no colors, different fonts, for example).

Tildes and other diacritics:  Students must incorporate diacritics in their textual documents.  Check web page for commands in Microsoft Word.


Formato para todas las composiciones:  All drafts for the composition must be handed in together. They must be numbered and stapled.  All drafts and copies for compositions must be typed using a font size 12, Times New Roman, double-spaced, in black ink, with the student's name, the composition title, the draft number, word count and the date the assignment is due on the top of the first page. First page number must not be numbered.  Instructor should see only page 2 on top or bottom right side of the page (López 2 must appear, but never López 1).

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