French Bulldog

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The French Bulldog originated in France and England. They became a more standardized breed during the Industrial Revolution. Many French citizens were being displaced and had bulldogs that they would bring to their new which through crossbreeding with terriers, too, the French Bulldog was born. They were considered a fashionable dog, as well.


French Bulldogs are a companion breed and require lots of human contact. They have fairly minimal exercise requirements, but should still get a daily walk. The French Bulldog rarely barks and if he does it's often to draw attention, to point out that he needs something or just because he is not happy. This breed is patient and affectionate with its owners, especially with children, who are especially protected by the females.


As a result of the compacted airway of the French bulldog, they may develop an inability to effectively regulate temperature. While a regular canine may suffer to some degree from the heat, to a Frenchie it may be lethal. French bulldogs can also suffer from an assortment of back and spinal diseases, most of which are probably related to the fact that they were selectively chosen from the dwarf examples of the bulldog breed.

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