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Jiunn-Der (Geoffrey) Duh
Associate Professor & Director of GIS Programs
Geography, Portland State University
Cramer Hall 424
1721 SW Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97201 USA
Tel: +1 503-725-3159; Fax: +1 503-725-3166

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Research Interests

    My research focuses on developing geocomputational theory and techniques to integrate GIS and remote sensing technologies in spatial decision-making. Specific projects focus on applying spatial modeling, simulation, and optimization techniques to support land-use planning, emergency planning, and resources management.


  • Introduction & Advanced GIS
  • Digital Compilation and Database Design
  • Satellite Digital Image Processing, Classification, and Change Detection
  • Digital Terrain Analysis
  • Photogrammetry and LiDAR
  • 3D Terrain Analysis & Visualization
  • GIS Programming
  • GIS for Marketing Analysis

Geography, Portland State University

Professional Affiliations