Kenneth M. Cruikshank

Kenneth M. Cruikshank
Fold Simulations

These simulations represent part of the output from the high-amplitude folding program described in the following reference:

Cruikshank, K.M. & Johnson, A.M. 1993. High-amplitude folding of linear-viscous multilayers. Journal of Structural Geology, 15(1):79-94.

The display programs on this page are now out-of-date enough that some of teh common tecnology 20 years ago is not readily available. I am working on revised versions that will work with modern graphics.

The programs work from the command line (e.g.animate layer-10.ffb), however you will be prompted for a filename if yo do not provide one on the command line.

The graphics is somewhat crude, but it does allow you to see what is going on.

  • Simulation viewer (MS-DOS)
  • Data files for Single Layer folds ( Viscosity contrast = layer viscosity/media viscosity)
  • Data files for multilayer: Interbedded stiff and soft layers
  • Data files for multilayer: Multilayer of stiff beds
  • Plotting programs

This set of programs creates plot files in a variety of formats from the animation files.

  • Plots frames from animation in AutoCAD DXF format
  • Plots frames from animation in PostScript format
  • Plots frames from animation in HPGL format

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