§       United Nations/Security Council - 1971

o      collective security - support of certain PKOs (Cambodia, E. Timor) since early 1980s, but frequent opposition to coercive power (Iraq, Bosnia, Libya, Rwanda)

o      UN Registry of Arms and White Papers

o      Covenants on Econ. & Social Rights, Political & Civil Rights


§       Regional Security & Economic Cooperation

o      ASEAN-Post Ministerial Conference - 1991, 1996

o      ARF (1994), South China Sea “workshops,” ASEAN+3

o      APEC

o      Four-Party and Six-Party Talks on Korea

o      Shanghai Coop. Org. with Russia and Central Asian States


§       International Arms Control

o      Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)

o      Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)

§       Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions

§       Nuclear and other export controls

§       Outer Space, Seabed, Antarctic, regional NWFZs


§       International Economy and Environment

o      UNDP, Group of 8

o      World Bank, ABD, IMF

o      WTO

o      Montreal Protocol, Kyoto Protocol