Linda A. George, Ph.D.

Professor, Environmental Science and Management



Our lab is called the Sustainable Atmosphere Research Lab. My students and I conduct research about the atmosphere as it relates to human activities. One of the main areas of our research involves investigating the impact of the sources of air pollution on air quality at high spatial resolution and chemical speciation. Most regulatory systems for air quality are limited to a handful pollutants monitored at a regional scale. However, the spatial scale of emissions and their impacts can occur at smaller scales, especially in urban settings. We are investigating monitoring and statistical techinqiues for assessing air quality at the scale relevant to public health. We are also interested in understanding the role of urban systems, such as transportation and landuse planning, as they impact air quality. These projects involve collaborations with urban planners, transportation engineers and computer scientists.


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Contact Information

Portland State University, 1719 SW 10th, Portland OR USA 97201

Email: georgeLatpdxdotedu

Phone: 503-725-3861