Assignment: World map of COVID-19


Your task is to make a chloropleth map visualizing COVID-19 cases worldwide. The countries of the world should be displayed in the Albers equal area projection. The number of cases in each country should be indicated by a reasonable color scale (of your choice).

Please submit three files:

  1. A .png image file of the chloropleth map using the latest available data on the submission day.
  2. A .py python file (not jupyter notebook) which generated your .png image file.
  3. A .mp4 movie file containing an animation of the choloropleth maps from 01/22/2020 through the latest date of the data and a .py python file that you used for creating the animation.


An example solution with data until May 7, 2020, can be seen in the output of the next code cell if you are reading this in a jupyter notebook.

In [1]:
from IPython.display import Video

Alternately, the same solution video can be downloaded or visualized at this weblink.