Selected Links to Resources on Writing a Literature Review

University of Toronto:

A very detailed guide on how to write a literature review. Includes a nice set of questions to ask yourself about how well you've conducted your literature review. It also includes a very detailed set of questions to ask yourself about each article. This second part is more intended for thesis writers than for an in-class type of literature review. In other words, it's more than you really need.

University of Washington: Writing a Psychology Literature Review

In Adobe Acrobat format. A step by step guide for how to begin and conduct a literature review. While it's written for Psychology, most of what it talks about is relevant for Applied Linguistics as well. It has a very nice section on how to cite and create a bibliography using APA.

Deakin Library - Australia

This site has a nice set of reasons for doing a literature review. You're sure to find your 'reason' here and this will help you frame/format your literature review.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

A nice overview of the parts of a review of the literature and what should be contained within them.

University of Toronto: Using Internet Resources

A good guide for how to use general internet resources in your work, including a nice bit on how to evaluate the validity of the sources.

Edith Cowan University (Australia)

Quick and easy APA references. In Acrobat Format.