Lois Sperry
  b: 24/Feb/1747(1748) - Cheshire, New Haven Co., CT
  d: NC or VA - bur: Perkins Family Cem.

Father: Abel Sperry
Mother: Miriam Hotchkiss

Spouse: Joseph Perkins, Jr.
  m: ~1776 - NC

Child: Luther - b: 7/Feb/1777 - VA
                         d: 1/Jun/1858 - Ashe Co., NC - bur: Perkins Family Cem.
                        m: Susan Stamper - 7/Nov/1801 - Wilkes Co., NC

Biographical Details:

Lois Sperry was the daughter of Abel and Miriam Hotchkiss Sperry and was born in Connecticut on February 24, 1747 O. S.  In the 1770's, she left Connecticut and moved to North Carolina with her brother-in-law and sister, Timothy and Miriam Sperry Perkins, and other members of the Perkins-Sperry family including her brother, William.  About 1776, it is believed that she married Timothy's brother, Joseph, who had also moved from Connecticut to North Carolina.  They had one known son, Luther, who was born in 1777.  Very little is known about Lois Sperry Perkins, although she was probably involved in the famous incident described by Draper involving the capture of Colonel Cleveland by Captain Riddle.  Apparently, she died before 1810, probably in Ashe County, North Carolina.  It has been reported that she was buried in the Perkins Family Cemetery.
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