John Sperry, Jr.
  b: ~Dec/1567 - Thurleigh Par., Bedfordshire, England - bp: 18/Jan/1567(1568)
  d: ~1620 - Thurleigh Par., Bedfordshire, England

Father: John Sperry, Sr.
Mother: Agnes Rawlins

Spouse: Mary *****
 m: ~1596 - England

Child-1: John - bp: 27/Oct/1598 - Thurleigh Par., Bedfordshire, England
          2: Agnes - bp: 16/Nov/1600 - Thurleigh Par., Bedfordshire, England
                           m: John Punne - 29/Apr/1622
          3: John - bp: 13/May/1604 - Thurleigh Par., Bedfordshire, England
          4: Elizabeth - bp: 13/May/1604 - Thurleigh Par., Bedfordshire, England
          5: Mary - bp: 13/Jan/1604(1605) - Thurleigh Par., Bedfordshire, England
          6: Richard

Biographical Details:

It can be supposed with reasonable confidence that John Sperry, Jr., spent his entire life near the village of Thurleigh in Bedfordshire, which lies in England fifty or sixty miles north northwest of London.  Records of the parish indicate that he was baptized on January 18, 1567 (1568 N. S.) and was the son of John, Sr., and Agnes Rawlins Sperry.  He was probably a yeoman farmer.  Apparently, he married his wife, Mary, about 1596.  Her maiden name is unknown.  Six children have been attributed to them, two of which were named John.1  This undoubtedly indicates that the older of the two died very young, probably as an infant.  Concomitantly, the younger John and Elizabeth were apparently fraternal twins.  It is thought that John Sperry, Jr., died before 1620; however, nothing definite is known.
Source Notes and Citations:
1. Harrison Spencer Sperry, That Great Sperry Family: the genealogy of the Sperry brothers by families and generations, Hawkes Pub., Salt Lake City, UT, 1977.
      This book includes a transcription of the parish register of Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, England.  Baptisms of children of John Sperry, Jr., which appeared are John, on 27 Oct 1598; Agnes, on 16 Nov 1600; John and Elizabeth, on 13 May 1604; Mary, on 13 Jan 1604/5; and Richard, on 16 Feb 1606.  All baptism records except that of the first John did not include the mother's name and there was no record of a marriage of John and Mary Sperry.  (Marva Rydalch; database - dcsvdata;, 2003.)
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Additional Citations:

2. Ancestral File: G82N-3H, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT, continuously updated.

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