Daniel Sperry, Lieutenant
  b: 7/Jul/1665 - New Haven Twp., Conn. Col.
  d: 24/Apr/1750 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT

Father: Richard Sperry
Mother: Dennes or Dennis *****

Spouse-1: Deborah Peck
 m: 3/Apr/1694 - Lyme, New London Co., CT

Child-1: Deborah - b: 10/Jan/1694(1695) - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                              d: 8/Nov/1767 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                             m: Samuel Wooding - 20/Mar/1721(1722)
          2: Ann - b: 3/Sep/1696 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                      m: John Wolcott - 18/Dec/1722 - m: Samuel Bradley
          3: Daniel - b: 10/Aug/1698 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                          d: 16/Nov/1768 - CT
                         m: Abigail Ives - 5/Feb/1723(1724)
                         m: Abigail Clark Bronson - 10/Dec/1765
          4: Abel
          5: William - b: 21/Sep/1702 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
          6: Esther - b: ~1704 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                          d: 21/May/1760 - North Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                         m: Theophilus Goodyear - 16/Dec/1725 - New Haven Co., CT
          7: Elizabeth - b: ~1707 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                              d: 27/Sep/1774 - Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT
                             m: Samuel Peck - 26/Jan/1731(1732)
          8: Joseph - b: 30/Dec/1709 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                           d: Jan/1788 - CT
                          m: Anna Wilmot - 18/Feb/1730(1731)
                          m: Sarah Turner - 12/Dec/1753

Spouse-2: Sarah Wilmot
 m: ~1713 - New Haven Co., CT

Spouse-3: Sarah Clark
 m: 7/Feb/1732(1733) - New Haven Co., CT

Biographical Details:

Daniel Sperry was the son of Richard and Dennes Sperry and was born July 7, 1665, probably on Sperry's farm two or three miles northwest of the present city center of New Haven.  His birth occurred prior to the organization of counties in Connecticut, but after formal merger of the New Haven and Connecticut Colonies under a single charter in 1662.  At first, New Haven resisted union with Connecticut, but after a period of debate the colony acquiesed.  This was primarily motivated by the English conquest of the Dutch colony of New Netherlands, then renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York, brother of the restored King Charles II.  The Duke (later King James II) had been granted a Royal Patent to the conquered colony.  Moreover, he was a distrusted Catholic and, thus, no friend of the strict Puritan colonists of New Haven who, indeed, gave shelter to three of the judges that had condemned his father, Charles I, in 1649.  Indeed, it is quite likely that the Duke also had designs on the whole of New England, but was never able to succeed with them due to political opposition in England.  New Haven civil records indicate that Daniel Sperry and Deborah Peck were married in April of 1694 by Mr. William Eely at Lyme in New London County, Connecticut, which lies about thirty-five miles east of New Haven and was not included in the original colony.  The Peck family were early settlers of this area and it is not known how Daniel and Deborah may have met.  In any case, it would seem that they settled near New Haven shortly after their marriage.  Accordingly, Stiles has stated that Daniel Sperry built a house at the south end of Sperry's farm, on which his son Joseph lived in 1785.  Moreover, it would seem certain that Daniel was a farmer and that he and Deborah remained there for their entire lives.  Eight children have been attributed to them.  Apparently, Daniel Sperry died intestate on April 24, 1750, since no will has been found.  He was buried in the Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven and his tombstone inscription has been read as "In Memory of Lieutenant Daniel Sperry who died April 24th 1750 in His 86th Year".  The extent of his military service is not known, but presumably the text of the inscription indicates that he was part of the colony militia.
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