Daniel Sherwood, Sr.
  b: 20/Mar/1667(1668) - Talbot Co., MD
  d: 15/Aug/1738 - Talbot Co., MD

Father: Hugh Sherwood
Mother: Mary Brooke

Spouse: Mary Hopkins
  m: 26/Dec/1689 - Talbot Co., MD

Child-1: Daniel - b: 14/Dec/1691 - Talbot Co., MD
                           d: 4/Sep/1700 - Talbot Co., MD
          2: Hugh - b: 22/Nov/1692 - Talbot Co., MD
                         d: 23/Apr/1735 - Talbot Co., MD
                        m: Mary Russell
          3: Mary - b: 13/Feb/1693(1694) - Talbot Co., MD
                         d: May/1702 - Talbot Co., MD
          4: Elizabeth - b: 29/Oct/1695 - Talbot Co., MD
                              d: 14/Dec/1703 - Talbot Co., MD
          5: Thomas - b: 8/Apr/1699 - Talbot Co., MD - bp: St. Michael's Par.
                             d: 18/Apr/1723 - Talbot Co., MD
                            m: Ann Hopkins
          6: Margaret - b: 4/Jan/1701(1702) - Talbot Co., MD - bp: St. Michael's Par.
                               d: 1755 - Talbot Co., MD
          7: Mary - b: 25/May/1704 - Talbot Co., MD - bp: St. Michael' Par.
                         d: 30/Sep/1795 - Talbot Co., MD
                        m: John Auld - 1724 - Talbot Co., MD
          8: Catherine - b: 10/Jan/1705(1706) - Talbot Co., MD
                               m: Richard Skinner - ~1725
          9: Francis - b: 28/Feb/1707(1708) - Talbot Co., MD
                            d: 17/Aug/1726 - Talbot Co., MD
        10: Daniel
        11: Elizabeth - b: 28/Jun/1712 - Talbot Co., MD
                              d: 9/Aug/1735 - Talbot Co., MD
                              m: Henning Tembte
        12: Dorothy - b: 3/Mar/1713(1714) - Talbot Co., MD
                             m: ***** Elliott
        13: Lucey - m: Thomas Powell - 10/Oct/1737 - Talbot Co., MD

Biographical Details:

Daniel Sherwood, Sr., was born March 20, 1667 (1668 N. S.) on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay in Talbot County, Maryland.  His parents were Hugh and Mary Sherwood.  It is believed that his mother's maiden name was Brooke, but this is not known definitively.  In any case, he married Mary Hopkins in Talbot County on December 26, 1689.1  They may have had as many as thirteen children, several of whom evidently died before reaching adulthood, which accounts for the usage of given names Daniel, Mary, and Elizabeth twice in the same family.  Like his father, Daniel Sherwood, Sr., was a prominent tobacco planter in Talbot County and, similarly, was important in the politics of colonial Maryland.  Accordingly, he was one of the committee that determined the boundary between Talbot and Queen Anne's Counties when the latter was erected in 1706.2  Concomitantly, a collateral consequence of formation of Queen Anne's County was the necessity of moving the county seat of Talbot County to a different, more central location since the existing courthouse at York was located near the new boundary, i.e., at the northern edge of Talbot County.  (At present, this location probably lies just west of the village of Skipton on the south side of the Wye River at the end of Yorktown Road.)  Subsequently, the county court met at Oxford in the house of Daniel Sherwood.3  Geographically, Oxford lies about seven miles south southeast of St. Michaels, which is near where Daniel's parents are thought to have lived and, thus, where Daniel probably spent his childhood.  (Moreover, the two towns are separated by the estuary of the Tred Avon River, which would have made the overland distance much further.)  Although no courthouse was ever built at Oxford, Daniel Sherwood, Sr., served as "High Sheriff" of Talbot County in the first decade of the eighteenth century and probably afterward as well.  Within this context, in 1708 he became involved in some sort of election controversy, which was referred to the colonial legislature the following year.4  As a consequence he was fined and forced to apologize, but it does not appear that he was removed from office.  At the same time, Daniel was also involved in a dispute over the pay of Mr. William Glen, Rector of St. Peter's Parish, and was ordered by the legislature to make amends.  It is not clear if these disputes were in some way related, but one might speculate that they reflect the machinations of local political factions.  Even so, it seems that Daniel continued to be an officeholder since in 1713 he was Deputy Collector at the port of Williamstadt, i.e., Oxford.5  Evidently, he remained active in politics as well and was elected to the lower house of the General Assembly of Maryland in the 1720's.6

On May 21, 1733, Daniel Sherwood, Sr., made his will and died five years later on August 15, 1738.7  The will was proved the following November.  At the time of his death he seems to have possessed considerable property.  In particular, he left the plantation "Daniel and Mary", on which he and his wife apparently lived, to his older surviving son, Hugh.  To his younger son, Daniel, Jr., he left "all land down the neck called 'Anctle'", which seems to have been a substantial plantation and subsequently descended in this branch of the family.  Other property, viz., "The Change", "The Adventure", "Eason", and "Eason's Addition" as well as lots in the town of Oxford, were left to his various daughters and their heirs.

Source Notes and Citations:
1. Andrew Sherwood, Daniel Sherwood and His Paternal Ancestors, Ryder Printing Co., Portland, OR, 1929: pg. 74.
     "Daniel Sherwood was the oldest.  He was born March 20, 1668, and died Aug. 15, 1738.  His name starts a new and popular one in our Maryland branch of the Sherwood family which, likewise, has been a popular one in the Connecticut branch.  He like his father, was a man of affairs, having been care-taker of the poor in Talbot county; High Sheriff; delegate in the General Assembly, and a member of the House of Burgesses.  He was a planter (of tobacco) on a large scale, and was a slave-holder.  His wife was Mary Hopkins, whom he married Dec. 26, 1689, and their children were Hugh, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Dorothy, Lucy and Daniel."
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     "And Be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesd by and with the advice and Consent aforesaid that the severall Persons herein after mentioned nominated and appointed shall be and are hereby Authorized Impowered and required to call to them the Surveyors of the severall and respective County's aforesaid and cause them to run out the lines bound and Divisions of the said County's according to the directions in this Act before mentioned (where they are not by naturall bounds divided One from the other  that is to say for Talbot County  Colo Thomas Smithson  Mr Robert Gouldesburry  Majr John Hawkins  Mr Matthew Tilghman Ward  Mr Thomas Emmerson  Mr Robert Grundy  Mr Daniel Sherwood, Mr Thomas Robins  Mr James Lloyd and Mr John Dawson."  (availiable online at "Archives of Maryland Online", aomol.net/html/index.html, continuously updated.)
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3. Morris L. Radoff, The County Courthouses and Records of Maryland, Part One  (alt. title Archives of Maryland, Vol. 545), The Hall of Records Commission of the
State of Maryland, Annapolis, MD, 1960: pg. 145-7. (republished by Maryland State Archives, 2000.)
     "When the lines (determining the boundary between Queen Anne's and Talbot Counties) had been settled, York was still in Talbot County but on the edge rather than in the center as
theretofore.  At the court session of August 21, 1706, a commission was appointed to select a new site for the county seat and the last session of court was held at York on June 17, 1707. ... The next court met at Oxford on August 19 following, in the house of Daniel Sherwood, where it continued to meet at least through November 1708 and probably for the duration of the Oxford period.  In the meanwhile, at November Court of 1706, the courthouse (at York) was rented to Ralph Stevenson until it was demolished in November 1708, and the lead from the roof sold to John Sherwood.  It was apparently the intention of the commission to make Oxford the county town.  Accordingly, town lots were resurveyed and some other preparations made.  At the November Session of 1709, an agreement was even made for the construction of a courthouse.  But for some reason this contract was not carried out."  (availiable online at "Archives of Maryland Online", aomol.net/html/index.html, continuously updated.)
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4a. William Hand Browne (ed), Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, March 26, 1707-November 4, 1710 (alt. title Archives of Maryland, Vol. 27), Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, MD, The Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore, MD, 1907: pg. 290. (republished by Maryland State Archives, 2000.)
     "Tuesday December 7th 1708 ... Ordered That Summons issue for Daniel Sherwood Sheriff of Talbot County to attend this House next Session of Assembly to answer the Complaint of the Inhabitants of the said County touching his irregular Proceedings for the Election of the present Delegates for the said County"

b. ibid.: pg. 379.
     "Wednesday Octobr 26th 1709 ... The Petition of Mr William Glen Rector of St Peter's Parish in Talbot County complaining that Mr Daniel Sherwood high Sherriff of Talbott County refuses to pay him the 40lb p poll arising in that Parish in the year 1708 under pretence of his not being inducted until the 18th July in that year
     And the said Mr Sherwood being called in and asked why he refused so to do says he was not well satisfyed the whole 40 lb tobo p poll for that year was due to Mr Glen or that he was safe in paying it  Whereupon it was the opinion of this Board that the whole 40 lb Tobo p poll for that year is due to Mr Glen according to Law and ordered the said Sherriffe pay the same to him without further Trouble or delay"

c. ibid.: pgs. 416-7.
     "Friday October the 28th 1709 ... Mr Daniel Sherwood Sheriff of Talbot County p Order of the last Session appeared here this Day to answer a Complaint exhibited against him for his Misbehaviour upon an Election of Delegates to serve for the said County The House having heard the Charge against him and heard what he had to say in his Defence is ordered to withdraw Upon which they debated the same.
     It is Resolved That the said Daniel Sherwood (upon that the said Daniel Sherwood) upon that Election committed several Irregularities
     Therefore put to the Question whether he shall be fined or suffer by his Submission and Acknowledgment of his Offences Carryed by the Majority of Votes That his Submission by
Acknowledgment of his Fault and beg[ging] Pardon shall be allowed of And Ordered he make this Acknowledgment at the Bar of this House, and at the next County Court to be held for
Talbot County in Time of Court sitting in these Words following.

Maryland ss.
     Whereas I Daniel Sherwood Sheriff of Talbot County did at the Election of Delegates to serve for the said County in the Genl Assembly in December 1708 refuse the Poll when legally demanded, and adjourned the Poll to another Time and Place, and misbehaved myself at the said Election contrary to the Statute Law in that Case made and provided.  I the said Daniel Sherwood do therefore acknowledge my Fault, and do humbly and sincerely beg Pardon of this Honourable House of Delegates and all other her Majesty's Subjects as well in Talbot County as the whole Province of Maryland.
     Which Acknowledgment the said Daniel Sherwood made at the Bar of this House and Resolved That he pay the following Fees
      To William Taylard Clerk of the House   £ 2.. 0.. 0
      To Richard Young Serjeant Attendant     1.. 0.. 0
      To Moses Adney     -.. 5.. 0
     Upon Payment of the aforegoing Fees and his Submission in Talbot County Court to be made the said Daniel Sherwood will be discharged from his further Attendance on the foregoing Complaint.  By Order of the House a Copy of the aforegoing Acknowledgment of the said Sherwood was delivered to Mr Robert Ungle one of the Members for the said County, who is desired to see that the said Daniel Sherwood do the same in said County as aforesaid."  (availiable online at "Archives of Maryland Online", aomol.net/html/index.html, continuously updated.)
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5. William Hand Browne (ed), Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, October 23, 1711-October 9, 1714  (alt. title Archives of Maryland, Vol. 29), Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, MD, The Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore, MD, 1909: pg. 226. (republished by Maryland State Archives, 2000.)
     "Thursday November the 5th 1713. ... Mr Daniel Sherwood Deputy Collector in the Port of WmStadt made oath to two Quarterly Lists of Shipping Ending at Midsummer & Michaelmas last"  (For a time, the town of Oxford was alternatively known as Williamstadt in honor of King William III, who along with his wife, Mary, had restored Protestant rule to England in the Glorious Revolution of 1688.)  (availiable online at "Archives of Maryland Online", aomol.net/html/index.html, continuously updated.)
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6a. Clayton Colman Hall (ed), Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, October 11, 1720-October 26, 1723 (alt. title Archives of Maryland, Vol. 34), Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, MD, The Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore, MD, 1907: pg. 401. (republished by Maryland State Archives, 2000.)
     "At a Sessions of Assembly begun and held at the Citty of Annapolis in Ann Arrundell County for the Province of Maryland the ninth Day of October Anno Domini One Thousand Seven hundred and Twenty two.  By virtue of his Lordshipps Writts of Election bearing Date the Twentieth Day of Aprill Last past to the Severall Sherriffs of this Province, and the Mayor Recorder and Alderman of the Citty of Annapolis Directed to Choose the Severall Representatives for the said Counties and City aforesaid According to Act of Assembly in such Cases Provided to Serve in a Generall Assembly to be held for the said Province at the City aforesaid the Third Tuesday in July last past which by Virtue of his Lordshipps Writt of Prorogation was Prorogued till the ninth day of October Instant Assembled at the Stadt House in the sd Citty the following Representatives Viz : ...
     For Talbot County   The Honble Robt Ungle Esqr   Mr Daniel Sherwood   Mr James Lloyd   Mr John Oldham"

b. ibid.: pg. 342.
     "Monday October the 15th 1722 ... A Bill from the Lower House by Col John Ward and Mr Daniel Sherwood, for the Encouragement of Tillage and Relief of Poor Debtors thus endorsed Viz.   By the Lower house of Assembly   October the 12th 1722   Read the first Time and ordered to lye on the Table for further Consideration until Monday next   Signed p order M: Jenifer Cl Lo: ho."

c. ibid.: pgs. 428-9.
     "By the Comittee of Laws Octor the 19th 1722   Upon Enquiry into the truth of the Allegations contain'd in Messrs James Lloyd & John Pemberton Exrs of Robert Grundy deced their Petition, We find them made good.  As to Lands sold to and in Possession of Edwd Morgan being 232 Acres part of Smith's Gift, Twenty Acres part of or adjoining to the same Land with the Mill called Tuckahoe Mill  Also as to a Lot or parcell of Town Land in the Possession of Mr Daniel Sherwood sold him by Robt Grundy in Oxford Town in Talbot County, Also as to a Tract or parcell of Land called Fentry Containing One hundred Acres, one other Tract or parcell of Land adjoining thereto called long Point containing forty Two Acres both in the possession of James Dawson of Talbot County Gent
     All which Lands and Lot We find the persons afd were put in possession of by Mr Grundy before his Death   Signed p Order Vachel Denton Cl. Com.
Thereupon Leave is given the Petitioners to bring a Bill accordingly."  (availiable online at "Archives of Maryland Online', aomol.net/html/index.html, continuously updated.)
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7. Jane Baldwin Cotton and Roberta Bolling Henry (eds), The Maryland Calendar of Wills, W. J. C. Dulany Co., Baltimore, MD: 1901-28, Vol. 8, pg. unk.  (Reprint available from Genealogical Publishing Co., 1001 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD, 21202-3897, 1968-95.)
     Sherwood, Daniel, planter, Talbot Co., 21st May, 1733; 18th Nov., 1738.  To son Hugh and hrs., dwelling plantation "Daniel and Mary."  To son Daniel and hrs., all land down the neck called "Anctle" except the point called "The Change."  To dau. Margrett and hrs., afsd. point "The Change," div. line to begin at hd. of Harris' Ck., bet. sd. "Change" and Turkey Point, and run to head of a cove of Choptank R., which lies bet. John Bull's and afsd. "Change."  To dau. Mary Auld lots and houses at Oxford until her sons John and Daniell Auld arrive at age of 21 paying ½ profits to dau. Lucey yearly, until day of her marriage, allowing first to wife--, her thirds, and when grandsons, John and Daniel come to age afsd., lots and houses to be divided bet. them and their hrs.; shd. either die during minority survivor with next bro., if any, to enjoy sd. property.  To dau. Elizabeth Tembt and hrs., 400 A. of "Eason" and "Eason's Addition," Dorchester Co.; residue of sd. tract to dau. Lucey and hrs.  To daus. Cathrine Skinner, Dorothy Elliott and Lucey and their hrs., "The Adventure," Tuckahoe Ck., Dorchester Co.; shd. either die without issue their portion to next hr.-at-law.  To son Hugh, moyety of the windmill at bro. Francis', and to son Daniel right and title to schoolhouse testator built at or near the church.  Exs.: Wife--, and son Hugh.  Test: William Hambleton, Joseph Sherwood, William Fairbank (Fairbanck) (Quaker).
     18 Nov., 1738. Mary Sherwood renounces as extx., of above will; son Hugh already dec'd.  Test: Thomas Bullen. Bk. 22. pg. 11.  (Fonda Carroll; database - spot54; worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com, 2005.)
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Additional Citations:

8. Henrietta E. Bromwell, Old Maryland Families, Vol. I, privately published, Denver, CO, 1916: pg. 39.

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