Jestin Russell
  b: 22/Aug/1823 - Grayson Co., VA
  d: 21/Mar/1896 - Wise Co., TX - bur: Flat Rock Cem.

Father: William Russell
Mother: Anna Bonham

Spouse: John Westby Gorbit/Gorbet - b: 1817/1818 - VA
  d: ~1865
 m: 1/Sep/1842 - Putnam Co., IL

Child-1: William Henry - b: 1843 - IL - nra: 1860
          2: Samantha Elizabeth - b: 18/Dec/1844 - IL
                                              d: 2/Apr/1932 - Garvin Co., OK - bur: Erin Springs Cem.
                                             m: Winfield Scott Ball - 25/Oct/1862 - Wise Co., TX
          3: Lewis Edward - b: 12/Dec/1849 - TX
                                       d: 12/Mar/1910 - Jefferson Co., OK
                                      m: Louisa E. ***** - m: Mrs. Opal O. Taylor - 13/Aug/1888 - Wise Co., TX
                                      m: Emily Calvie Grubbs Jones - 12/Apr/1893 - Henrietta, Clay Co., TX
          4: Jesten A. - b: 1851/1852 - TX - nra: 1860
          5: Andria - b: 1856/1857 - TX - nra: 1860
          6: Saphronia Jane - b: 13/Sep/1861 - TX
                                        d: 1/Feb/1938 - Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX - bur: Mt. Olivet Cem.
                                       m: Archibald (Archie) Washington Watson - ~1878 - Wise Co., TX
                                       m: Clarence Marion Porter -~1895

Biographical Details:

The oldest surviving child of William and Anna Bonham Russell, was a daughter, Jestin, born August 22, 1823, almost certainly in Grayson County, Virginia.  Her given name was spelled as "Jesten", "Jeston", or even "Justine" in various civil records, as well as in other secondary sources.  Nevertheless, an original manuscript family register of the Russell family indicates "Jestin", as the correct form.  Evidently, she moved with her parents and younger family members from Virginia to Kentucky and Indiana, and then to Putnam County, Illinois.  It was in Putnam County that she married John W. Gorbit on September 1, 1842.  His surname has been indicated alternatively as "Gorbet" or "Gorbett", either of which seem to have become the more accepted form in later records.  Moreover, civil records for Putnam County reveal they were married by H. D. Gorbit, who was a Methodist minister and likely a close relative of the groom.1  John Westby and Jestin Russell Gorbit subsequently migrated from Illinois to Dallas County, Texas, probably after 1845 and, accordingly, appeared in the population schedule of the 1850 US Census for Dallas County.  In addition, the population schedule clearly indicated that their two oldest children, viz., William and Samantha, were born in Illinois and evidently came to Texas with their parents.  According to contemporaneous census records, by 1860 the family had moved to Denton County, Texas, which adjoins Dallas County to the northwest.  John's occupation was indicated in the 1860 population schedule as "master wheelwright", which would have been quite a valuable skill in the pioneer community.  In addition, two grants issued to J. W. and William H. Gorbett for land parcels in Denton County were recorded by the Texas General Land Office.2  In all likelihood, these were John W. Gorbit and his son, William H.  There is also evidence that William H. Gorbit/Gorbet, served as a Private in Company E of the Thirty-first Texas Cavalry, CSA.3  Moreover, in 1863 the Texas Legislature enacted a resolution to provide support and maintenance for "families, widows, and dependents of soldiers currently serving in State or Confederate forces, or of soldiers killed or disabled in service."4  The family of John W. Gorbet appeared on the list of those eligible from Denton County.  This may indicate that either John or his son, William, was then serving or had been wounded or killed while serving with Confederate forces.  According to the population schedule of the 1870 US Census for Hopkins County, Texas, the household of Justin (Jestin) Gorbit was then resident near Black Jack Grove.  Her age was recorded as twenty-seven, rather than the correct figure of forty-seven; however, the remainder of the entry accords closely with the family of Jestin Russell Gorbit/Gorbet.  This identification is further supported by the appearance of the family of Scott and Samantha Ball, Jestin's son-in-law and daughter, on lines immediately following in the population schedule.  Indeed, errors are frequent in census records; hence, this discrepancy in age can likely be attributed simply to a mistake on the part of the enumerator.  Even so, neither John nor William Gorbit/Gorbet appear in this or subsequent population schedules.  Therefore, it is very likely that they had both died sometime during the 1860's, presumably during the Civil War.  It is not known exactly when or why the Gorbit/Gorbet family moved to Hopkins County, which lies about fifty miles east of Denton County; however, by 1880 Jestin had moved back west to Wise County, Texas, which adjoins the western boundary of Denton County.  Although two of her children, viz., Lewis and Saphronia, together with their families, evidently lived close by, Jestin apparently lived alone and remained in Wise County until her death on March 21, 1896.5  Jestin Russell Gorbit/Gorbet was buried in the Flat Rock Cemetery.6
Source Notes and Citations:
1. According to the contemporaneous census population schedule, in September of 1850, H. D. Gorbit was apparently living with his second wife, Eva, as well as his children and step-children, in Deer Park Township in La Salle County, Illinois.  His age was indicated as fifty-five, his birthplace as Pennsylvania, and his occupation as Methodist clergyman.  Concomitantly, previous census records affirm that the household of Henry D. Gorbet was resident in La Salle County in 1840 and at that time in addition to himself and his wife, apparently included fifteen children, viz., ten boys and five girls.  Geographically, La Salle County adjoins Putnam County to the east and Deer Park Township is located south of the Illinois River and east of the Vermilion River just southeast of the town of La Salle.  According to published histories of La Salle County, Henry Gorbet came with his first wife, Sally, and several children from Clermont County, Ohio, in 1837.  Furthermore, thirteen of their fifteen known children were identified in Hoffman's History of La Salle County, including a son, John, who plausibly can be identified as John W. Gorbit/Gorbet, husband of Jestin Russell.  Even so, Hoffman named six, rather than five, daughters along with their husbands, which would appear to conflict with the 1840 census and may derive some confusion of identities.  Alternatively, census records confirm that one daughter had already married by 1840 and, consequently, was not then living in her parents household.  (In addition, civil records confirm that Mary Ann Gorbet and John Melvin Quimby were married in La Salle County, Illinois, on August 1, 1839.)  Thus, it would seem that Henry and Sally Gorbet, in fact, had sixteen children, which would likely imply that at least one child, probably a son, died young.  Concomitantly, again, according to the 1850 population schedule, Daniel W. and Quincy A. Gorbet, ages sixteen and eighteen, respectively, were apparently the remaining two sons not identified by Hoffman.
     Within this context, family researchers assert that Henry David Gorbet was the son of Peter and Anne Spaulding Gorbet and was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania, about 1795.  He is thought to have married Sarah (Sally) Robinson on May 4, 1814, reportedly in Franklin, Maine, but this location would seem unlikely and New York is more probable.  Concomitantly, in later population schedules some of their children indicated New York and others Pennsylvania as their mother's place of birth.  Moreover, there is evidence that some of the children themselves may have been born in New York.  Nevertheless, census records clearly indicate that John W. Gorbet was born in Virginia, which might seem to cast doubt on his identification as a son of Henry D. and Sally Robinson Gorbet; however, this can be satisfactorily explained if, first of all, one recognizes that before the Civil War several populated Virginia counties were situated in or near the narrow strip or "panhandle" between the western boundary of Pennsylvania and the Ohio River.  Of course, this territory is presently a part of the State of West Virginia.  Secondly, it seems very likely that Henry Gorbet may have travelled widely as an itinerant Methodist preacher in the area of western Pennyslvania and New York as well as Ohio and Virginia.  Certainly, conferral of the name "Francis Asbury" to one of his sons is quite suggestive of this.  Therefore, one may suppose that in the second decade of the nineteenth century the Gorbet family moved westward from New York and Pennyslvania through Virginia to Clermont County, Ohio, where they were resident in Williamsburg Township in 1820 and, furthermore, that John was born about 1817 in what was then Virginia, perhaps, in either Brooke or Ohio County.  In passing, it would seem evident that William Henry, oldest child of John and Jestin Gorbit/Gorbet was the namesake of his two grandfathers, William Russell and Henry Gorbet.  (unpublished notes)

a. U. J. Hoffman, History of La Salle County, Illinois, The S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., Chicago, IL, 1906: pgs. 158 & 182.  Exerpted from a short description of the early settlers of the South Ottawa and Utica Townships:
     "Henry Gorbett, from Clermont County, Ohio, in 1837, with his wife, Sally Robinson, settled on S. 31, T. 33, R. 3.  His second wife was the widow Holland; he had fifteen children: Mary, married Calvin Pembroke; John; Debby Ann, married David Clark; Francis Asbury; Mary Ann, married John Quimby; George; Margaret, married James Wilson; Peter; Sarah, married a Mr. Fisk; Joseph; Angeline, married Edward Smith; Henry and Samuel."  It should be noted that Section Thirty-one lies in the southwestern corner of South Ottawa Township adjacent to Deer Park and Farm Ridge Townships.  Furthermore, census records indicate that, rather than Mary, it was Nancy A. Gorbet who married Calvin Pembrook (rather than "Pembroke").
     "Edwin Holland came from Clermont County, Ohio, in 1840; his wife was Eva Hess.  He died in 1846, leaving eleven children.  His widow married Henry Gorbet, who had fifteen children."

b. Anonymous, History of La Salle County, Illinois, Inter-State Pub. Co., Chicago, IL, 1886: pg. 610.

c. Elmer Baldwin, History of La Salle County, Illinois, Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago, IL, 1877: pg. 360.

d. The mortality schedule of the 1850 US Census for La Salle County, Illinois, included Sarah Gorbett, who died in Eden Township in September of 1849.  At the time of her death, she was apparently a fifty-three year old married female, i.e., born about 1796.  Concomitantly, her place of birth was indicated as Rhode Island.  The cause of her death was stated as "chronic diarrhea", but the length of her sickness as only nine days.  This probably indicates that although she had been in poor health for some time, her death had been immediately caused by an infectious disease, perhaps, cholera, which was common in the nineteenth century.  In any case, "Sally" is the usual diminutive for Sarah and it seems very likely that she should be identified as the first wife of Henry D. Gorbet.  Morever, Eden Township includes the town of Tonica and is adjacent at its northeastern corner to Deer Park Township.  (1850 US Census Mortality Schedule for La Salle County, Illinois, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 477, (microfilm roll - T1133_58; img. 202).  (Carol Ryan-Spenader (tr), La Salle County ILGenWeb Archives, 1999.))

e. Henry D. Gorbet married Eva C. Holland on April 17, 1850; Francis Asbury Gorbet married Rosina Gilbert on November 13, 1851; George W. Gorbet married Caroline Medell on January 18, 1849; Margaret S. Gorbet married James E. Wilson on April 25, 1847; Peter Gorbet married Emily Medell on January 20, 1848; Sarah Gorbit married Andrew J. Fiske on June 18, 1852; Angeline Gorbit married Edwin D. Smith on August 5, 1855; Daniel W. Gorbet married Jemima A. Holland on August 11, 1856; Quincy D. Gorbet married Rebecca Hollands (sic - Holland) on March 23, 1854, all of these marriages were recorded in La Salle County.  Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, Illinois State Archives & Illinois Genealogical Society, Springfield, IL, 2014.  ("Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900",

f. The household of Henry D. Gorbit/Gorbet appeared in various nineteenth century census records of Clermont and La Salle Counties.  (1820 US Census Population Schedule for Clermont County, Ohio, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 8, (microfilm roll - M33_89; img. 13); 1830 US Census Population Schedule for Clermont County, Ohio, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 292, (microfilm roll - M19_128; img. 582); 1840 US Census Population Schedule for La Salle County, Illinois, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 120, (microfilm roll - M704_63; img. 7); 1850 US Census Population Schedule for La Salle County, Illinois, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 251B, (microfilm roll - M432_115; img. 151); & 1860 US Census Population Schedule for La Salle County, Illinois, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 796, (microfilm roll - M653_197; img. 142).)
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2. Denton County Abstract No. 474; Survey Name: J W Gorbett; Grantee: J. Gorbett; - Denton County Abstract No. 475; Survey Name: William H Gorbett; Grantee: W. Gorbett: Texas General Land Office, Austin, TX. (Mike Taylor (tr), Denton County TXGenWeb Archives, 1996.)
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3. Anonymous, The Handbook of Texas, Pub. by the Texas State Historical Association, and distributed in partnership with the The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.  (The Handbook of Texas Online,, 2016.)
     "THIRTY-FIRST TEXAS CAVALRY.   In early 1862 the Thirty-first Texas formed with Col. Trezevant C. Hawpe in command.  Although most members came from Dallas County and the surrounding area, two companies were added from Travis and Bexar counties.  In June the unit left for Arkansas where it joined a cavalry brigade, with the Twenty-second Texas and the Thirty-fourth Texas, under Col. D. H. Cooper.  The regiment skirmished successfully with Federal troops in Missouri near Newtonia in September.  During the fall the brigade withdrew into Arkansas where illness and changes of commanders created disruption and led to conversion of the regiment to infantry.  Despite the resulting poor morale, the Thirty-first Texas Dismounted Cavalry, led by Lt. Col. George W. Guess, fought at Prairie Grove, Arkansas, in December.
     In February 1863, while the brigade marched through snow from Fort Smith to the Red River, Hawpe resigned as its commander.  That spring orders sent the brigade to join Gen. Richard Taylor in Louisiana.  In May the Thirty-first Texas and another infantry regiment moved down to the Mississippi River where they harassed Union riverboats and outposts during the summer.  On September 29, the brigade, including the Thirty-first Texas under Maj. Frederick Malone, defeated Federal troops at Stirling' Plantation in a surprise attack ordered by Gen. Thomas Green.  In October, Gen. Camille de Polignac became commander of the brigade which was expanded by the return of the other dismounted cavalry regiments.
     During February and March 1864, the brigade skirmished with Union forces at Vidalia and Harrisonburg before joining General Taylor in the Red River campaign.  At Sabine Crossroads and Pleasant Hill on April 8 and 9, the regiment helped drive back the Federal advance.  The regiment and the brigade harassed the Union withdrawal into May.  After a failed effort to cross the Mississippi River in August, the brigade moved to Arkansas in September, then back to Louisiana in November.  In March 1865 the Thirty-first Texas returned to its home state where it disbanded in May."

a .Alwyn Barr, Polignac's Texas Brigade, Texas A&M University Press, College Station, TX, 1998.

b. Douglas V. Meed, Texas Wanderlust: The Adventures of Dutch Wurzbach, (Texas A&M University Press, College Station, TX, 1997.
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4. Confederate Indigent Families Lists (1863-1865), Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Austin, TX.  (, 2003.)
     "On November 24, 1863, the Texas Legislature passed a Joint Resolution stating that the government pledged 'support and maintenance of [the soldiers'] families during their absence from home.'  In accordance with this Resolution, an 'Act to Support the Families and Dependents of Texas Soldiers' passed on December 15, 1863.  The Act set aside $1,000,000 annually to be paid the 'families, widows, and dependents of soldiers currently serving in State or Confederate forces, or of soldiers killed or disabled in service.'  Chief Justices of the counties, on or before March 1 in 1864 and 1865, submitted lists of servicemen and the number of their dependents eligible for relief.  The County Clerk administered the money distributed to the county for this purpose."
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5. Descendants of John and Jestin Gorbit/Gorbet appear in civil and census records of Texas and Oklahoma an are summarized as follows:

First Generation

Jestin Russell, born 22 Aug 1823 in Grayson Co., VA, died 21 Mar 1896 in Wise Co., TX, buried Flat Rock Cem.; married on 1 Sep 1842 in Putnam Co., IL, John Westby Gorbit/Gorbet, born 1817/1818 in VA, died  ~1865.

1. William Henry Gorbet*, born 1843 in IL.
2. Samantha Elizabeth Gorbet, born 18 Dec 1844 in IL, died 2 Apr 1932 in Garvin Co., OK, buried Erin Springs Cem.; married 25 Oct 1862 in TX, Winfield Scott Ball, born 3 Aug 1844 in Harlan Co., KY, died 14 Mar 1912 in Garvin Co., OK, buried Erin Springs Cem.
3. Lewis Edward Gorbet, born 12 Dec 1849 in TX, died 12 Mar 1910 in Jefferson Co., OK; married (1), Louisa E. *****, born 1858/1859 in AR; married (2) on 13 Aug 1888 in Wise Co., TX, Mrs. Opal O. Taylor; married (3) on 12 Apr 1893 in Clay Co., TX, Mrs. Emily C. Grubbs Jones, born 8 Apr 1866 in Walthall Co., MS, died 19 Jul 1962 in Duncan, Stephens Co., OK.
4. Jesten A. Gorbet, born 1851/1852 in TX.  Evidently died young.
5. Andria Gorbet, born 1856/1857 in TX.  Evidently died young.
6. Saphronia Jane Gorbet, born 13 Sep 1861 in TX, died 1 Feb 1938 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, buried Mt. Olivet Cem.; married (1) 1878 in Wise Co., TX, Archibald Washington Watson, born 1853 in Sumter Co., AL, died 11 Nov 1893 in Wise Co., TX; married (2) in 1895, Clarence Marion Porter, born 28 Dec 1864 in MD, died 23 Jul 1942, buried Mt. Olivet Cem., Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.
*According to family tradiition, William Henry Gorbet disappeared while serving with Confederate forces during the Civil War.  It is not known if he deserted and assumed a new identity or if he was killed and his body never recovered; however, the later would seem more likely since no subsequemt civil or census records are known to exist that affirm his survival of the war.

Second Generation

2. Samantha Elizabeth Gorbet married Winfield Scott Ball, probably in Denton County, Texas; however, this remains undetermined.  Alternaticely, his middle name has been reported by some researchers as "Henry"; however, civil and census records affirm that "Scott" is correct.  The family remained in northern Texas until after 1880, but evidently moved across the Red River to the Indian Territory, presumably when it was opened for settlement.  Accordingly, Scott and Samantha Ball settled with their children in the Chickasaw Nation apparently near the present town of Lindsay in Garvin County, Oklahoma, and remained in or near this locality for the rest of their lives.

2-1. William Edward Pinkney Ball, born 4 Jul 1866 in TX, died 2 Nov 1936 in Garvin Co., OK; married on 16 Sep 1883 in Decatur Co., TX, Sarah Ann Fleming, born 1867, died 5 Oct 1888.  They had Maggie and Annie Idella Ball; married (2) on 17 May 1891, Ida Porter, born 20 Mar 1873 in TX.  They had William Robert Ball.
2-2. Robert Green Ball, born 7 Feb 1868 in Hopkins (later Delta) Co., TX, died 12 Jun 1945 in Lamb Co., TX, buried Olton Cem.; married on 7 Dec 1890 in Montague Co., TX, Frances (Fannie) Bell Lewis, born 1 Oct 1874 in TX, died 6 Nov 1966 in Swisher Co., TX, buried Olton Cem., Lamb Co., TX.  They had  Joseph Scotland (Jodie), Lila Mae, Dora Belle, Robert William, Dewey Hobson, Ruby, Fred Earl, Katie Pauline, and Louis Edward Ball.
2-3. Thomas Carlile Ball, born 4 Dec 1869, died 21 Jan 1870.
2-4. Elizabeth (Betty) Jestin Ann Ball, born 22 Feb 1872 in Wise Co.,TX, died 24 Mar 1955 in Garvin Co., OK, buried Erin Springs Cem.; married on 7 Aug 1889 in Montague Co., TX, Edgar Reason (Reece) Winn, born 10 Oct 1860 in Sangamon Co., IL, died 16 Aug 1951 in Garvin Co., OK, buried Erin Springs Cem.. They had Ella Lee, Stella Catherine, Francis Scott, Edgar Reason, Jr., John Dee, Clara W., and Dollie Wyoma Winn.
2-5. Henry John Denton Ball, born 27 Jan 1874 in Wise Co., TX, died 27 Jan 1950 in Lamb Co., TX; married (1) on 23 Sep 1897 in Chickasaw Nat., Indian Terr., Laura Alice Marlett, born 1 Nov 1874 in Montague Co., TX, died 8 Oct 1931 in Lamb Co., TX.  They had Lemuel Beecher and Verney D. Ball; married (2) Goldie *****, born 1889/1890 in TX.
2-6. Mary Magdaline Ball, born 2 Feb 1885, died 10 Oct 1887.
a. Children of Winfield Scott and Samantha Elizabeth Ball are affirmed by census records of Texas and Oklahoma.  (1880 US Census Population Schedule for Wise County, Texas, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 121B, (microfilm: roll T9_1333; img. 368); 1910 US Census Population Schedule for Garvin County, Oklahoma, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 106B, (microfilm: roll T624_1252; img. 218); 1920 US Census Population Schedule for Stephens County, Oklahoma, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 105B, (microfilm: roll T625_1484; img. 769); & 1930 US Census Population Schedule for Garvin County, Oklahoma, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 261B, (microfilm: roll T626_1931; img. 1063).)

b. Marriage Records, Wise County, Decatur, TX:  Bk. 1, pg. 184.

c. Marriage Records, Southern District, Indian Territory, Ardmore:  Bk. C, pg. 129.

3. Lewis Edward Gorbet**, blacksmith, was living in Wise County, Texas, in 1880 together with his wife, Louisa E. *****, a son, William E., and at least one daughter, Sarah J. (who seems to have been recorded twice by the enumerator).  Moreover, according to family tradition he had been born December 12, 1849, in Wise County, Texas; however, this seems unlikely since according to census records of 1850, his parents and three children (including an infant, Lewis E.) were then resident in Dallas County, Texas.

3-1. William Edward Gorbet, born 12 Oct 1876 in TX, died 29 Jul 1960, buried Rose Hill Cem. Ardmore, Carter Co., OK; married (1) on 22 Jan 1907 in Southern Dist., Indian Terr., Ethel Taliaferro, born 1886, died 1924, buried Rose Hill Cem. Ardmore, Carter Co., OK. They had Jim Tom Gorbet; married (2) on 2 Jun 1937 Ardmore, Carter Co., OK, Bertha Lou Vincent, born 12 Jul 1895, died 1 Jan 1989, buried Rose Hill Cem. Ardmore, Carter Co., OK.
3-2. Samantha Jane Gorbet, born 9 Apr 1880 in TX, died 14 Jun 1960 Alpine, Brewster Co., TX, buried Elm Grove Cem.; married on 21 Oct 1895 in Wise Co., TX, Walter D. Swinney, born 16 Feb 1873 in MS, died 1 Jan 1943, buried Boyd Cem., Wise Co., TX.  They had Marvin Short, Leonard Lester, Audie Oral, Paschal O'Rourke, Sallie Belle, and Vera Melwyn Swinney.
3-3. Ira A. Gorbet, born Feb 1882 in TX.  Evidently died young.
Concomitantly, it would seem that Lewis' first wife must have died in the 1880's since a record exists affirming the marriage L. E. Gorbett to Mrs. Opal O. Taylor in Wise County on August 13, 1888.  Even so, she evidently survived only a few years after their marriage since no children are attibuted to Lewis and Opal and, furthermore, familiy researhcers assert that Lewis Gorbet married a widow, Mrs. Emily C. Grubbs Jones#, in Henrietta, Clay County, Texas, in April of 1893.  This is supported by census records of 1900, which reveal that Louis E. and Emily Gorbet were then resident in the Chickasaw Indian Nation (later Jefferson County, Oklahoma) and that the family included six children, viz., Willie E., Ira A., Emery A., Robert D., Henry M., and George E., ages, twenty-three, eighteen, twelve, ten, six, and three, respectively.  Although the population schedule would seem to indicate that Lewis and Emily had been married for twenty-seven years and were both parents of all six of these children, this cannot be accurate.  Indeed, the two oldest were almost certainly offspring of Lewis and his first wife.  Likewise, the next two were probably not surnamed Gorbet at all (as indicated erroneously in the population schedule), but were evidently Emily's sons, E. A. and DeWitt Jones.  Hence, of the six children, only the two youngest were really offspring of Lewis and Emily Gorbet.
3-4. Henry McCain Gorbet, born 7 Feb 1894 Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, died 8 Jul 1970 at Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK, buried Ryan Cem.; married (1) on 7 Sep 1920 in Jefferson Co., OK, Eva Lovine Jackson#*, born 7 Jul 1902 in Glasco, KY, died 12 Jul 1932 in Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK, buried Ryan Cem.  They had Myrtle Beatrice, Louis McCain, Henry Louis, Clarence, and Ewell Roy Gorbet; married (2) in 1946, Edna Keeling, born 27 Apr 1911, died 6 May 1980 in Atoka, Atoka Co., OK, buried Green Meadows Cem.  They had Eric Ray Gorbet and two children still living.
3-5. George Everett Gorbet, born 11 Apr 1898 Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, died 19 Jul 1966 in Duncan, Stephens Co., OK, buried Ryan Cem., Jefferson Co., OK; married on 18 Sep 1917 in Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK. Emma Brown.  They had Patricia Captolia and Bonnie Gorbet.
3-6. Otis Elton Gorbet, born 4 Feb 1901 Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, died  9 Aug 1984 in Duncan, Stephens Co., OK, buried Duncan Municipal Cem.; married on 24 Dec 1921 in Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK, Oma Lillian Wainscott, born 6 May 1905 in Ardmore, Carter Co., OK, died Aug 1985 in Duncan, Stephens Co,, OK, buried Duncan Municipal Cem.  They had Charles Elton, Edward David, and Ronnie Gorbet.
3-7. Louis Edward Gorbet, Jr., born 22 Apr 1904 Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, died 11 Feb 1980 in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA, buried Sierra Hills Memorial Park; married on 4 Oct 1925 in Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK, Mae Alison, born 30 Sep 1906 in Montague, TX, died 8 Jun 1999 in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA, buried Sierra Hills Memorial Park.  They had James Jordan Gorbet and three still living.
**An unpublished family history provides further details (additional comments in italics):
     "Nothing is known about the early life of Louis Gorbet except that his parents migrated to Texas before he was born.  We believe that Louis's Father was a first cousin to brothers, John, Benjamin, Henry and Chester Spalding Gorbet.  The obituary of Emily Gorbet, the wife of Louis Edward stated the facts below:
     'Mrs. Gorbet was born April 8, 1866 in Tyler Town, Texas  (No such location in Texas is known to exist presently or to have previously existed and census records indicate her birthplace as Mississippi; moreover, Tylertown can still be found in Walthall County, Mississippi, just north of the Lousiana border). ... She married William Jones in Limestone County, Texas and soon after their marriage they came to the Ryan area.  Two sons, E. A. and Dewitt, were born to this union.  Mr. Jones died when the children were small and several years later she was married to Louis Edward Gorbet of Ryan.  When this area was opened up for homesteading, Mr. Gorbet filed on a claim and they settled on land near Red River and built a house there.  Four sons were born to this Union. (He built the first Permanent building there, it was a blacksmith shop.)  A few years after her husbands death, Mrs. Gorbet moved to Waurika, where she made her home here until a few weeks before her death.  For the past six years a son, E. A. Jones and Mrs. Jones had made their home with Mrs. Gorbet, assisting in her care.  She fell and broke her shoulder on April 24, and a few weeks later she broke her hip.  She was at the home of a son, Otis Elton Gorbet, at Duncan, at the time of her death.  She was converted early in life and became a member of the Methodist Church.  At the time of her death, 28 grand-children, 41 great-grandchildren and several great, great-grandchildren survive.'"
     "Henry McCain Gorbet lived most of his life within 15 miles of his birthplace.  He was Headquarters Runner in the First World War, serving in France, where he was injured.  He lived the later years of his life on a veteran pension, supplemented by money he earned as a watchmaker.  His education ended in the 4th grade but, he became a finish carpenter and contractor.  He built over 100 houses in his life-time.  Eva and her oldest child, a daughter, were both killed in a train-car accident on July 12, 1932.  Eva and Henry had five children, only two were to survive to adulthood.  After Eva's death, Henry raised the two oldest (sic - youngest) children.  They were Clarence and Ewell, they were the first descendants of Louis Edward to receive a high school education.  In later years, Henry re-married to Edna Keeling and raised a second family."
     "He (George Everett Gorbet) was the second child of Louis Edward Gorbet and Emily Calvie Grubbs.  He married Emma Brown and to this union was born two daughters.  It is not known if this marriage ended in divorce or death.  George died at the age of 68, on July 19, 1966 and was buried in Ryan, Oklahoma.  He was a cook most of his life."
     "He (Otis Elton Gorbet) was the Third child of Louis Edward Gorbet and Emily Calvie Grubbs.  He married Oma Lillian Wainscott, December 24, 1922 in Waurika, Oklahoma.  Oma was born May 6, 1904 in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  Her parents were Charles Wainscott and Maggie Oddess Mandy.  Otis has been a lifetime resident of Oklahoma.  He was born there when it was still an Indian Territory.  Otis and Oma moved to Duncan in 1926.  There he was employed by Ford Motor Company.  He later went to work for Haliburton, and in 1952, he retired after 19 years, because of poor health.  Following that period, he has maintained an interest in the building of engines.  He is a member of the Masonic Lodge, Oma is a member of the Eastern Star and has done volunteer work as a Gray Lady.  They have been married for 58 years and are charter members of the West Side Christian Church in Duncan.  They are also an Elder and Deaconess, Emeritus Respectively.  They have Three sons, Charles, Edward and Ronnie.  Charles died in August of 1976.  Otis and Oma have 12 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren."
     "He (Louis Edward Gorbet, Jr.) married Mea Allison, Oct. 4, 1925 in Waurika, Oklahoma.  After their third child was born they moved to Bakersfield, Calf.  Mea was born September 30, 1906 in Montague, Texas. Her parents were J. W. Allison and Allie Mea Gentry.  Louis was the youngest child from his father's marriage.  He was an automobile salesman for 40 years.  He worked for Campus Chevrolet and an agency in Lincoln, Calf.  Louis died February 11, 1980 in Sacremento, Calf."  (Shannon R. Gorbet; database - :1159720;, 2006.)

#Lewis Gorbet died in Jefferson County, Oklahoma, in 1910, but his widow, Emily, lived to an age of ninety-four and died in Duncan, Oklahoma, in 1962.  Even so, a marriage record exists which affirms that Mrs. E. C. Gorbet, age fifty-one years, married Mr. B. S. Felts, age fifty-five years, at Waurika, Oklahoma, on October 25, 1917.  Clearly, this is consistent with identifcation of the bride as Lewis Gorbet's widow.  Concomitantly, the groom can be identified as Benjamin Sparks Felts, who was living with his second wife, Ida J., in the town of Waurika in 1910.  Presumably, she had died before 1917; however, this is not at all certain since she was twenty years younger than Mr. Felts, who in addition was apparently estranged and presumably divorced from his first wife, Fannie L. Elkins.  (Indeed, they both survived until after 1930 and were buried together in Oklahoma City.)  Likewise, it appears that the putative marriage between Ben Felts and Emily Gorbet was unsuccessful since she was living with two of her sons, viz., Elton and Lewis, Jr., in 1920.  (Marriage Records, Jefferson County, Waurika, OK:  Bk. 3, pg. 423.)

#*"Waurika, Okla., July 12   Joint funereal services for Mrs. Henry M. Gorbett and her 11-year-old daughter, Merle, who were almost instantly killed in an automobile-train crash near their home at 11:10 o'clock Tuesday morning, will be held at 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon from the Presbyterian church here with the Rev. W. A. Roach, pastor, officiating.  Burial will be in the Waurika (original) cemetary. (actually Ryan Cemetery)  Mrs. Gorbett and her daughter were en route to town when a south bound Rock Island passenger struck the rear of the small coupe, hurling it into the air as the husband and father watched from the family home a half block away in the north part of the city.  She had left home to secure some medicine for the daughter who accompanied her.  The automobile was wrecked and the bodies of the victims thrown clear of the machine.  Clarence Kester of El Reno was engineer on the locomotive.  Mr. Gorbett, a disabled world war veteran and two small sons, Clarence, 6, and Y. L. Gorbett, 4, survive."

"15 Jul 1932   Mrs. Henry Gorbett, wife of a disabled world war veteran living in the north part of Waurika and Myrtle Beatrice, her little eleven year old daughter, lost their lives instantly about 11:00 o'clock Tuesday morning, the car in which they were riding being struck by the south bound passenger train due here about 10:35 at the crossing near the Scott place in the north part of Waurika.  The mother and daughter were on their way to town, driving an old model T Ford coupe.  The car was completely demolished and hurled into the ditch on the west side of the truck.  Both bodies were thrown some distance down the right-of-way and completely clear of the car.  They were badly mangled and death came instantly.  The husband and father was seated at the home near the scene of the accident, but thought that everything was alright until after the train had been brought to a stop and backed back to the crossing.  He says that Mrs. Gorbett had been at the home of her sister in Duncan the night before but that she came home early Tuesday morning.  He says that they frequently get the mail from this train and that he and his wife had discussed the question of whether the train had run or not and that they decided that it had and the wife and little girl started to town to get the mail and a few other articles including some tobacco for him.  Gorbett says that Mrs. Gorbett drove onto the track thinking that the train had already run.  He also says the engineer did not blow the whistle.  Others say that he did.  The bodies were removed to the Earl C. Morris Undertaking parlor and held until Wednesday afternoon, when funeral services were conducted from the Presbyterian church by Rev. W. A. Roach, the pastor, and internment was made in the Ryan cemetary.  Mrs. Gorbett's maiden name was Eva Jackson and she was born in Kentucky and was about 30 years of age at the time of her death.  She came to Ryan in this county when eleven years old and lived there until she was married to Mr. Gorbett in September, 1919.  The family had lived in Waurika for the past three years.  The husband and two little boys, Clarence, aged 6 and Hugh L., aged 4, survive.  Mrs. Gorbett also leaves one brother, Will Jackson, of Velma, and three sisters, Mrs. I. N. Smith of Claypool community and a sister at Duncan and one at Rush Springs.  Mrs. Emily C. Gorbett, a pioneer resident of this section, is the mother of Henry Gorbett."   (Newspaper unknown)

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6. Saphronia Jane Gorbet and Archibald Washington Watson were reportedly married in Wise County, Texas, in 1878.  Unfortunately, he died in 1893.

6-1. Lewis Edward Watson, born 20 Oct 1879 in Wise Co., TX, died 1920 in Union Co., NM; married 25 Feb 1902 in Wise Co., TX, Minnie Ethel Williams, born 22 Apr 1886 in Parker Co., TX, died 18 Feb 1977 in Vernon Co., MO.  They had Anna Etheline, Florence, Oscar, Louise, Paul Louis, James C., William Woodrow, and Violet Pansy Watson.
6-2. Henry Watson, born Jun 1880 in Wise Co., TX.  Appears to have died young.
6-3. Stephen Richard Watson, born 12 Jan 1885 in Wise Co., TX, died 2 Dec 1963 in Tarrant Co., TX, buried West Bridgeport Cem., Wise Co., TX; married on 19 Aug 1906 in Wise Co., TX, Susie C. McDaniel, 26 Aug 1887 in TX, died 6 Jul 1944, buried West Bridgeport Cem., Wise Co., TX.  They had Houston R., Ruby Frances, Dovie R., Henry C., Rudinne, Bernice, Maxine Eula, Billie, and Juanita Watson.
After the death of her first husband, saphronia married Clarence Marion Porter.  They evidently remained in northern Texas for the rest of their lives.
6-4. Edward Kinney Porter, born 20 May 1895 in Jack Co., TX, died 12 Jan 1943 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, buried Mt. Olivet Cem.; married Eula M. *****, born 15 Jun 1897, died 20 May 1980, buried Mt. Olivet Cem., Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.  They had Edward D. Porter.
q. Children of Saphronia Jane Gorbet and her two husbands aew affirmed by census records:  (1900 US Census Population Schedule for Wise County, Texas, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 225B, (microfilm: roll T623_1681; img. 40); 1910 US Census Population Schedule for Wise County, Texas, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 276A, (microfilm: roll T624_1600; img. 1162); 1920 US Census Population Schedule for Wise County, Texas, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 228A, (microfilm: roll T625_1860; img. 458); & 1930 US Census Population Schedule for Wise County, Texas, National Archives, Washington DC:  pg. 219A, (microfilm: roll T626_1907; img. 442).)

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(unpublished notes)
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6.  Anonymous,"Flat Rock Cemetery", unpublished. (Wise County TXGenWeb Archives, 2002.)
     This transcription of the Flat Rock Cemetery indicates the birth year of Jestin Russell Gorbit/Gorbet as 1822.  It is almost certain that this is incorrect since, original family records explicitly indicate the year as 1823, which is also more consistent with the known date of her parents' marriage as well as her age as indicated by contemporaneous census records.
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