Edward Russell
  b: 5/Sep/1859 - Bourbon Co., Kans. Terr.
  d: 15/Aug/1953 - bur: Camargo Cem., Dewey Co., OK

Father: Lewis Russell
Mother: Mary Ann Perkins

Spouse: Phoebe or Phebe Alexander - b: 19/Oct/1871 - MO
 d: 8/Mar/1923 - bur: Camargo Cem., Dewey Co., OK
 m: 14/Feb/1887 - Marysville, Marshall Co., KS

Child-1: Dora M. - b: 3/May/1888 - Rice Co., KS
                              d: 13/Aug/1962 - Dewey Co., OK - bur: Camargo Cem.
                             m: James (Jimmie) Charles Hawkins - 6/Mar/1907 - Taloga, Dewey Co., Okla. Terr.
          2: Myrtle - b: 30/Jan/1891 - NE
                           d: Jul/1977 - Oakhurst, Tulsa Co., OK - bur: Camargo Cem., Dewey Co., OK
                          m: Arthur Louis Dewolf - 3/Nov/1915 - Taloga, Dewey Co., OK
          3: Stella - b: 12/Nov/1894 - d: 22/Nov/1895
          4: Cora Elzina - b: 20/Dec/1897 - Gentry Co., MO
                                  d: 2/Mar/1981 - Canon City, Fremont Co., CO - bur: Lakeside Cem.
                                 m: Grover E. Roberts - 14/Jul/1915 - Taloga, Dewey Co., OK
          5: Carl F. - b: 13/Jul/1906 - Dewey Co., Okla. Terr.
                            d: 28/Jan/1996 - Pasco, Franklin Co., WA
                           m: Opal Sims - 24/Apr/1924

Biographical Details:

Edward Russell, known familiarly as "Ed", and his twin sister, Eliza, were born in September of 1859 in the Kansas Territory and, together with other members of their family, evidently moved variously to and from Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri in the 1860's.  Even so, Ed almost certainly spent his youth in Gentry County, Missouri.  Subsequently, Edward Russell and Phebe Alexander were married on February 14, 1887, by Probate Judge, Cal T. Mann, in the town of Marysville, which is the county seat of Marshall County, Kansas.  (She seems to have spelled her first name variously as either "Phebe" or "Phoebe".)  Moreover, later census records imply that Edward and Phebe Russell were living in Nebraska soon after their marriage, but moved back to Missouri before settling in Dewey County in the Oklahoma Territory shortly before 1900.  Accordingly, they evidently settled in Cleveland Township near the town of Camargo, which is in located in the western part of the county close to the common intersection of the boundaries of Dewey, Ellis, and Roger Mills Counties.  This presumption is further supported by a land patent isssued to Edward Russell in May of 1907, for one hundred and twenty acres in Sections twenty-two and twenty-three of Township Eighteen North of Range Twenty West, which accords with a location slightly more than a mile west of the town.1  Of course, since this patent was issued under the authority of the Homestead Act of 1862, the Russell family must have lived at this location since 1902 at the latest.  Accordingly, the family appears in the population schedules of  the 1900, 1910, and 1920 US Censuses for Dewey County as resident in Cleveland Township.  Moreover, in the population schedule of the 1900 census, the families of Edward's two younger brothers, Lewis Napoleon and Charles, were evidently also living close by in Cleveland Township, which suggests that these three families migrated to the Oklahoma Territory together.

Phoebe Alexander Russell died in 1923, presumably in Dewey County and was buried in Camargo Cemetery.  Accordingly, in 1930, Edward Russell, a widower, was living in the household of his son, Carl, in Cleveland Township; however, in 1940 he was living with his son-in-law and daughter, Arthur and Myrtle Dewolf, in Delaware County, Oklahoma, which is located at the eastern edge of the state and adjoins McDonald County, Missouri, and Benton County, Arkansas.  Indeed, the Dewolf family had been resident in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, in 1935.  Concomitantly, the obituary of Ed's sister, Delilah Russell Johnson affirms that he was living in Arkansas in 1934.  As a matter of history, the 1930's was the time of the infamous "Dust Bowl", which ruined many farmers on the southern plains.  Accordingly, many of them moved eastward (or, alternatively, to the Far West, i.e., California) which, therfore, accords with the residence of the Dewolf family (and Edward Russell) in either Arkansas or eastern Oklahoma.  Edward Russell died on August 15, 1953, but a definite location remains undetermined; nevertheless, he was buried with his wife in Camargo Cemetery.

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