Alexander Aaron Russell
  b: 1817 - Grayson Co., VA
  d: 1898 - Wildwood, Dade Co., GA

Father: Phillip Russell, Jr.
Mother: Rebeckah Russell

Spouse: Mary Frances McDonald - b: Aug/1831 - Marion Co., TN
  d: 1910 - Wildwood, Dade Co., GA

Child-1: Jane - b: 1851/1852 - MO
          2: Henry C. - b: 1853/1854 - TN
                              m: Martha K. ***** - 1878
          3: Elizabeth S. - b: 1857/1858 - TN
          4: Arthur M. - b: 1862/1863 - GA
          5: Annie Guesta - b: 1867/1868 - TN
          6: Mary A. or Rachel - b: Apr/1870 - TN
          7: Aaron Percival (Percy) - b: 17/Jun/1875 - Jasper, Marion Co., TN
                                                   d: 11/Feb/1939 - Picayune, Pearl River Co., MS - bur: Gipson Cem.
                                                  m: Nellie Jane Tittle

Biographical Details:

Alexander Aaron Russell was the sixth surviving son of Philip, Jr., and Rebeckah Russell and was born about 1817 in Grayson County, Virginia.  Apparently, he grew up in this locality because the population schedule of the 1840 US Census for Grayson County indicates that Aron (Aaron) Russell was between twenty and thirty years old and living by himself.  Even so, he married Mary Frances McDonald about 1850.  She was born in Marion County, Tennessee, and it is not known where they met and married.  Indeed, the household of Alexander or Aaron Russell evidently does not appear in census records of the year 1850.  Even so, it appears that Aaron and Mary Frances Russell traveled to Missouri shortly after their marriage and, perhaps, settled there for a brief period in the early 1850's.  This is implied by later census records, which indicate that their daughter, Jane, was born in Missouri in 1851 or 1852.  At this time, Aaron's older brother, William, was living in Gentry County, Missouri, and it is plausible that they moved to this same locality.  Nevertheless, no civil records have been found in support of this presumption, which, therefore, must remain entirely speculative.  In any case, Aaron and Mary had returned to Tennessee by the time their son, Henry C., was born in 1853 or 1854.   They appeared in the 1860 US Census for Franklin County, Tennessee, and Aaron's occupation was indicated in the population schedule as "painter" (presumably a housepainter rather than a fine artist).  Subsequently, the household of Alexander A. Russell appeared in the population schedule of the 1870 US Census for Marion County, which is located immediately to the east and adjacent to Franklin County.  (Both counties are located in south central Tennessee just west of the city of Chattanooga.)  Moreover, in 1870 Aaron's occupation was indicated as "proprietor of hotel" and it is likely that the family was living in the town of Jasper.  However, by 1880 the family apparently had moved to Dade County, Georgia, which is the most northwestern county in the state and adjoins Marion County, Tennessee, along its southern boundary (which is also the boundary between Tennessee and Georgia).  It is possible that Aaron and Mary F. Russell had lived in Dade County previously because census records indicate that their son, Arthur M., was born in Georgia in 1862 or 1863.  Nevertheless, it would seem that Aaron did not care for the hotel business since his occupation was indicated as "farmer" in the 1880 census.  Apparently, Aaron and Mary Frances Russell remained in Dade County for the remainder of their lives.  Aaron died in 1898 after which Mary lived with the family of her son Aaron Percival Russell.  She died in 1910.
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