Martha Runyon
 b: ~1730 - Hunterdon Co., NJ
 d: 1770/1771 - Hunterdon Co., NJ

Father: Vincent Runyon
Mother:  Asle Curtis

Spouse: Hezekiah (Kiar)Bonham.
 m: 1750/1751 - Hunterdon Co., NJ

Child-1: Mary or Marcy or Mercy - b: ~1752 - Hunterdon Co, NJ
                                                        m: Joseph Smith - 4/Nov/1769 - Hunterdon Co., NJ
          2: Elijah - b: 1753/1754 - Hunterdon Co., NJ
                         d: ~1829 - Hunterdon Co., NJ
                        m: Margaret *****
          3: Levi - b: ~1758 - Hunterdon Co., NJ
          4: Alice or Alsie or Elsie - b: 1762 - Hunterdon Co, NJ
                                                   d: 1819/1820 - Guernsey Co., OH
                                                  m: Stephen Reed - 4/May/1782 - Hunterdon Co., NJ

Biographical Details:

As with many female ancestors, very little is known about Martha Runyon, except that she was the daughter of Vincent and Alse Runyon and born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, about 1730.  She was evidently the namesake of her paternal aunt, Martha, sister of her father.  The situation is further confused because her aunt was married to Hezekiah Bonham, Jr., who were the parents of Hezekiah (Kiar) Bonham, who became Martha's husband about 1750.  Four children are attributed to them, viz., Mary (or Mercy or Marcy), Elijah, Levi, and Alice (or Alsie or Elsie).  It is believed that Kiar and Martha Bonham remained in Hunterdon County for their entire lives.  Indeed, H. E. Bonham asserts that Martha may have died in 1770 or 1771; however, this remains substantially unconfirmed.1

Source Notes and Citations:

1. Howard Eugene Bonham and Jean Allin, Bonham and Related Family Lines, Bonham Book(s), 5104 Bridlington Ln., Raleigh, NC, 27612, printed by Genie Plus, Bradenton, FL, 1996: pg. 235.
     "Kiar and Martha (and Josiah Ellis) were witnesses to the will of Vincent Runyon, which was drawn 27 Oct 1770 and executed 25th day od Nov 1771,  Martha may have died before the execution of the will as she did not appear before court as a witness, althought Hezekiah and Josiah gave their sworn testimony 25 Nov 1771."
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