Naomi Parke
  b: 20/May/1751 - Hunterdon Co., NJ
  d: Wythe Co., VA

Father: William Parke
Mother: Sarah Jewell

Spouse: Joseph Bonham
  m: 1767 - NJ

Child-1: William
          2: Rachel - b: 5/Sep/1770 - VA
                           d: 1820 - Grayson Co., VA - bur: Weiss Family Cem.
                          m: ***** Ball - m: Mathias Weiss - 18/Nov/1798 - Wythe Co., VA
          3: Catherine - b: 1771 - VA
                               m: ***** Howell
          4: Zilpha - b: 1772 - VA
                          m: Richard Davis
          5: Hezekiah
          6: Elizabeth (Betsy)
          7: Ephraim - b: 1782 - VA
          8: Alsa - b: 1785 - m: James Wallace - 16/Mar/1809 - Wythe Co., VA
          9: Mary Elizabeth (Polly)

Biographical Details:

Naomi Parke was born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, on May 20, 1751, and was a daughter of William and Sarah Jewell Parke.  Subsequently, she married Joseph Bonham about 1767.  Moreover, it is believed that they were married in New Jersey, but no definite record has been found.  It would seem that Joesph adn Naomi relocated to northern Virginia, viz., Loudoun County, not long after their marriage.  They seem to have remained here until at least 1790 after which the family moved to Wythe County in western Virginia.  Within this context, it has been asserted by some researchers that Naomi Parke Bonham died about 1780 and that Joseph remarried.1  However, this does not seem to be the case because in 1803 Joseph Bonham appointed "my well beloved wife Naomy" as executor of his will.  Although, it is possible that the given name of Joseph's putative second wife was also Naomi, this does not seem likely and it would seem almost certain that Naomi Parke Bonham was still living in 1803 and probably died in Wythe County, but no date or burial place is known.  Concomitantly, some researchers assert that Naomi Parke Bonham married William Richardson in Grayson County, Virginia, on August 16, 1824; however, this was undoubtedly her granddaughter and namesake, a daughter of William and Betsy Williams Bonham.
Source Notes and Citations:
1. Cecilia B. Parke, Descendants of Roger Parke, immigrant, 1648-1739, privately published, 7162 Cambridge St., Spring Hill, FL, 34606-4201, 2000.
     Cecelia B. Parke indicates in her notes on Joseph Bonham that he and Naomi's children were born 1767-1777 and indicates that Joseph may have had a second marriage in which there were three other children born from 1785-1789.
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Additional Citations:

2. Howard Eugene Bonham and Jean Allin, Bonham and Related Family Lines, Bonham Book(s), 5104 Bridlington Ln., Raleigh, NC, 27612, printed by Genie Plus, Bradenton, FL, 1996: pg. 261.
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