Abraham Hendrickson
  b: ~1727 - Kings Co., NY
  d: Feb-Mar/1782 - Freehold Twp., Monmouth Co., NJ

Father: ***** Hendrickson
Mother: *****

Spouse: Antje (Anne) Van Kirk - bp: 20/Jan/1730(1731) - Monmouth Co., NJ
  m: 23/May/1759 - Monmouth Co., NJ

Child-1: Abraham - bp: 29/Jun/1760 - Monmouth Co., NJ
          2: John - bp: 1/May/1762 - Monmouth Co., NJ
          3: Jacob - bp: 19/Jan/1764 - Monmouth Co., NJ
          4: Cornelia - bp: 25/May/1766 - Monmouth Co., NJ
          5: Matthias
          6: Aalje (Althea) - b: 9/Jul/1773 - Monmouth Co., NJ - bp: 15/Aug/1773 - Freehold Twp., Monmouth Co., NJ
                                      d: 3/Sep/1819
                                     m: Richard Norris - 12/Dec/1797 - Freehold Twp., Monmouth Co., NJ

Biographical Details:

It is believed that Abraham Hendrickson was born about 1727 in Kings County, New York.  (Of course, Kings County is coterminous with one of the five boroughs of the metropolitan City of New York, viz., Brooklyn, and, as such, it is presently entirely urban; however, in the eighteenth century it was largely rural.)  Some researchers have identified Abraham Hendrickson as the son of Jan (John) Hendrickson and Sarah (Sara) Mosier (Mesier); however, evidence for this identification is not convincing.  Indeed, it does appear that this couple did have a son named Abraham, but he seems to have married Mary Wyckoff.  Therefore, the parents of Abraham Hendrickson of Freehold Township should be regarded as unknown.  In any case, Abraham Hendrickson married Antje (Anne) Van Kirk on May 23, 1759, in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Accordingly, it would seem that Abraham and Antje Hendrickson were resident in Monmouth County for the remainder of their lives.  Six children are attributed to them, viz., Abraham, John, Jacob, Cornelia, Mathias, and Aalje.  Of these, perhaps, only four survived to adulthood, viz., Abraham, Jacob, Matthias, and Aalje.  This is supported by subsequent probate records of Monmouth County.  Abraham appears to have died intestate in early 1782.1  Even so, his real estate was not divided among the remaining heirs until 1794.2  It is likely that Antje died earlier than 1782, since she is not mentioned in any of the probabte documents; however, nothing definite is known.
Source Notes and Citations:
1. Elmer Tindall Hutchinson (ed), New Jersey Archives - First Series (alt. title Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Adminstrations, Etc. Vol. VI: 1781-1785), New Jersey Historical Society, Trenton, NJ, MacCrellish & Quigley Co., Printers, Trenton, NJ, 1939: Vol. 35, pg. 187
     Mar. 13, 1782.  "Hendrickson, Abraham, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.  Int. Adm'r--Abraham Hendrickson, Fellowbondsman--James Vankirk; both of said place.  Witness--Hope Burrowes."
     Mar. 29, 1782.  "Inventory, £87.18.0, made by Koert Schenck and John Van Der Veer."
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     "Book A  1785-1793"   "HENDRICKSON-pg. 269; July 1793.  The heirs of Abraham Hendrickson, dec'd, petitioned for a division of his real estate.  The petition was signed by Jacob Hendrickson, Mathias Hendrickson, Altie Hendrickson, all children and heirs of Abraham Hendrickson, dec'd, late of Freehold."
     "Book B  1794-1801"   "HENDRICKSON-pg. 9-11; Jan. 1794.  A report on the division of the real estate owned by Abraham Hendrickson, dec'd, revealed some of the petitioners had sold their shares.  Jacob Hendrickson sold his share to Elias Conover.  Altie Hendrickson sold her share to Elias Conover and Mathias Hendrickson.  As a result of the sales, the two buyers owned all the real estate"
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Additional Citations:

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