William Fuller
  b: ~1483 - Redenhall Par., Co. Norfolk, England

Father: John Fuller
Mother: *****

Spouse: *****

Child-1: John
          2: William - b: ~1512
          3: Robert - b: ~1514
                          bur: 19/Jul/1608 - Co. Norfolk, England

Biographical Details:

Essentially, nothing definite is known regarding William Fuller, but it may be supposed that he was born in Redenhall Parish, County Norfolk, England, about the year 1483.  Concomitantly, he has been attributed as the oldest son of John and Alice Fuller.  Two putative spouses have been suggested for him, viz., Ann Collinge and Alice Kinge (although due to haphazard spelling and/or imperfect interpretation, it is, perhaps, reasonably likely that these two surnames may, in fact, be the same, thus, indicating a single individual).  None of these presumptions appears to be supported by any credible evidence and, therefore, should be properly regarded as speculative at best.  Even so, it may be, perhaps, safe to presume that like his ancestors, William would have been a yeoman farmer.  Three sons have been attributed to him.
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