Elizabeth Ford
  b: 19/Feb/1678(1679) - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
  d: New Haven Co., CT

Father: Samuel Ford
Mother: Elizabeth Hipkins or Hopkins

Spouse: Stephen Perkins
  m: 27/Aug/1700 - New Haven Co., CT

Child-1: Joseph
          2: Elizabeth - b: 10/Nov/1703 - New Haven Co., CT - d: 22/May/1760
                              m: James Bishop - 27/Feb/1728(1729) - New Haven Co., CT
          3: Lydia - b: 24/Nov/1705 - New Haven Co., CT
                         d: 22/Dec/1767 - Oxford, New Haven Co., CT
                        m: William Wilmot - 23/Dec/1725 - New Haven Co., CT
          4: Thankful - b: 17/Apr/1708 - New Haven Co., CT
                              d: 24/Dec/1788 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
          5: Mary - b: 31/Mar/1712 - New Haven Co., CT - d: - New Haven Co., CT
                        m: Daniel Ford - 13/May/1736 - New Haven Co., CT
          6: Stephen - b: 14/Jun/1716 - New Haven Co., CT
                             d: ~1720 - New Haven Co., CT
          7: Timothy - b: New Haven Co., CT

Biographical Details:

Very few details are known of the life of Elizabeth Ford.  She was the daughter of Samuel Ford, born February 19, 1678 (1679 N. S.) in New Haven, Connecticut, and was subsequently married to Stephen Perkins in the summer of 1700.  Elizabeth was admitted to membership in the First Congregational Church of New Haven on August 20, 1714, two days before her husband was also admitted.  Six children have been attributed to this couple with satisfactory confidence.  However, Mr. Stephen C. Perkins has also attributed four additional children, viz., Sybil, Anna, Tabitha, and Timothy.  Of these, all except Timothy can be readily identified as children of Stephen Perkins and his second wife Anna Howe or How.  Concomitanty, Timothy is believed to have been born after 1716 and presumably did not survive to adulthood.  Within this context, some researchers have asserted that Elizabeth Ford Perkins died in 1716, possibly at the birth of her sixth known child, Stephen, Jr.  Obviously, if this was the case, then the putative Timothy must be spurious.  In contrast, many other family researchers believe that she survived as late as, perhaps, 1729, which would allow for the existence of an additional son.  Of course, it is possible, even likely, that if Timothy existed at all, he was the child of Stephen's second wife.  In any case, this remains an open question since no definite date of death is known for Elizabeth Ford Perkins.  Likewise, no probate records for her have ever been found.
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