Margaret Emma Evans
  b: 19/Apr/1833 - Clinton Co., KY
  d: 23/Jan/1920 - Casey Co., KY - bur: Evans Cem.

Father: Drewery Evans
Mother: Theodocia Jacobs

Spouse: William David Richards - b: 1836 - KY
 d: ~1899 - bur: Evans Cem., Casey Co., KY
  m: 3/Aug/1854 - Casey Co., KY

Child-1: Amanda B. - b: May/1855 - KY
                                  d: 6/Nov/1935 - Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL - bur: Diamond Grove Cem.
                                 m: Napoleon Bonaparte McDonald - 1890
          2: Thomas Jefferson - b: 9/Oct/1857 - Casey Co., KY
                                            d: 1/Jan/1942 - Casey Co., KY - bur: Green River Valley Separate Baptist Church Cem.
                                           m: Ida Thomas - 26/Nov/1879 - Casey Co., KY
          3: Stephen A. - b: 1860 - KY - nra: 1880
          4: Mahala J. - b: 7/Mar/1861 - Casey Co., KY
                               d: 9/Jul/1920 - Wesley Hosp., Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO - bur:  West Union Cem., Cass Co.
                              m: Archibald Pitts - 6/Mar/1879 - Casey Co., KY
          5: John Benjamin - b: 25/Dec/1862 - Casey Co., KY
                                       d: 9/Apr/1943 - Casey Co., KY - bur: Luttrell Cem. (McBeath Ridge)
                                      m: Sarah Josephine Luttrell - 16/Sep/1884 - Casey Co., KY
          6: Emma - b: 26/Dec/1865 - KY
                          d: 9/Apr/1942 - bur: Salem United Methodist Church Cem., Casey Co., KY
                         m: Moses Overstreet - 1882/1883
          7: James Perry - b: 7/Nov/1866 - Casey Co., KY
                                   d: 5/Feb/1942 - bur: Green River Valley Separate Baptist Church Cem.
                                   m: Ella Miller - 15/Jun/1891
          8: Sarah B. - b: 1868/1869 - KY - nra: 1870
          9: Lydia A. - b: ~1871 - KY - d: 7/Jul/1875 - Casey Co., KY
        10: William D. - b: 14/Nov/1873 - Casey Co., KY
                                 d: 19/Nov/1943 - Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL - bur: Winchester City Cem., Scott Co., IL
                                m: Daisy Mae Evans - 7/Jul/1901 - Scott Co., IL - div. - ~1903
                                m: Anna M. Austin - 18/Sep/1912 - Morgan Co., IL - div. ?

Biographical Details:

Margaret Emma Evans was the youngest surviving child of Drewery and Theodocia Jacobs Evans and was born in April of 1833.  Although, many researchers assert that she was born in Tennessee, presumably Fentress County, her death certificate affirms her birth in Clinton County, Kentucky.  As a matter of history, it is known that her parents did move from Fentress County to Clinton County before 1840 (perhaps, after a short residence in Morgan County, Illinois), and then to Casey County, Kentucky.  Accordingly, civil records compiled for Casey County reveal that Margaret Emma Evans married William David Richards on August 3, 1854.  There is some confusion regarding this date since in some transcriptions of these records 1859 appears instead of 1854.  However, it is known that their oldest daughter, Amanda B., was born in May of 1855.1  Therefore, it is most likely that "4" has been mistaken for "9" by later transcribers.  (Indeed, precisely this error commonly occurs in transcriptions of hand written records.)  Moreover, William David Richards was a younger brother of Elizabeth Ann Richards, wife of William Roy Evans.  Therefore, the children and William David and Margaret Emma Evans Richards and the children of William Roy and Elizabeth Ann Richards Evans were double first cousins and, as indicated by census and land records, both families lived in the vicinity of Dunnville during the second half of the nineteenth century.  Concomitantly, in the the population schedule of the 1900 US Census for Casey County, Margaret E. Richards appears as a widow living in the household of her son-in-law and daughter, Napoleon B. and Amanda B. Richards McDonald and, in addition, she indicated that she was the mother of ten children, eight of which were then still living.2  Of these ten, only nine can be accounted in census records.  In addition, Kentucky Land Patent No. 66202 for seventeen acres on Dawson Creek and the Green River granted to W. D. Richards on June 20, 1900, provides good evidence that William David Richards was probably still living as late as 1898 or 1899 since he apparently surveyed this parcel on November 4, 1897.3  However, a second Kentucky Land Patent, No. 66393, for two and one half acres in the same vicinity, surveyed and granted in 1901 to James P. Richards, son of William D. and Margaret E. Richards, is consistent with the census record and indicates that William D. Richards was likely deceased by this time.

Although, at least three sons, viz., Thomas Jefferson, John Benjamin, and James Perry, remained in Casey County, several other children of William and Margaret Richards settled elsewhere.  In particular, their youngest son,William D., relocated to Scott County in central Illinois and is believed to have married his distant cousin, Daisy Mae Evans, in 1901.  Likewise, Napoleon and Amanda Richards McDonald evidently moved to neighboring Jacksonville before 1910.  Indeed, the families of the two oldest brothers of Margaret Emma Richards, viz., James Monroe and Carter H. Evans, had moved to this locality, i.e., Scott and Morgan Counties, a few years after the Civil War.  Accordingly, it is a reasonable supposition that extended family relationships provided motivation for later migrations by younger family members.  Furthermore, the family of Carter Evans subsequently moved from Illinois to Cass County, Missouri, and, concomitantly, Archibald and Mahala J. Richards Pitts evidently also relocated to this locality.  Even so, Margaret Richards remained in Casey County.  This is supported by census records of 1920, which indicate that she was living in the household of her son-in-law and daughter, Moses and Emma Overstreet, in the town of Liberty.  At that time Moses was in charge of the county jail which was located on Hustonville Street.  Margaret Emma Evans Richards died in Casey County on January 23, 1920.  She was the last survivor of the family of Drewery and Theodocia Jacobs Evans.

Source Notes and Citations:
1. This chronology is further confused by the death certificate of Thomas Jefferson Richards which asserted his date of birth as September 9, 1851.  However, this cannot possibly be correct and most likely derives from a misunderstanding of his age when the death certificate was registered.  It is much more likely that he was born in 1856 or, perhaps, 1857.  In any case, it should not be supposed that William and Margaret Richards had a child almost three years prior to their marraige.  (unpublished notes)
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2a. "Mr. T. J. Richards, 85, well known citizen of the Bluster section died at the home of his son, Mr. Charlie Richards, on January 1, after an illness of several months of a complication of troubles due to his advanced age. He was a fine man and a splendid citizen and will be sadly missed in the community where he had spent his entire life. A good many years ago he was married to Miss Ida Thomas, who departed this life several years ago. Surviving him are the following sons and daughters: Messrs. Lilburn and Elburn Richards, of Elmwood Place, Ohio; Mrs. Laura Norman, Girard, Illinois; Mrs. Effie Evans, of Jacksonville, Illinois; and the son mentioned above and a daughter, Mrs. Bessie Ellis, of the Bluster section. He also leaves three brothers, Mr. W. D. Richards, Jacksonville, Illinois; Mr. J. P. Richards, of the Rheber section, and Mr. J. B. Richards, this city, and a sister, Mrs. Emma Overstreet, of the Bluster section. The four brothers and the sister enjoyed dinner together on Christmas day at the home of Mr. Charlie Richards, but did not feel that just one week hence that one of their number would be called home. Burial took place in the Green River Valley cemetery on Saturday morning after funeral services conducted at the church. His many friends deeply sympathize with the children, brothers, and sister in the irreparable loss they have sustained in the passing of this splendid gentleman."   (obituary: Newspaper unknown)

 b. "James Perry Richards, 89, was laid to rest at the Green River Valley Cemetery on April 24.  Funeral services were held in the church with Revs. O. C. Reece and Woodrow Damron officiating.
     He was the son of William and Margaret Richards and was born on Nov. 7, 1866.  Death came to him at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Claude Bell near Phil.
     He was married to Miss Ella Miller on June 15, 1891.  They became the parents of two sons and a daughter.  One son, Wesley 'Bud' Richards is dead.
     He is survived by his wife, a son, Leslie Richards, Hartwell, Ohio, and a daughter, Mrs. Claude Bell of Phil; seven grandchildren.
     Pallbearers were Clate and Carl Richards, Harold, Gerald and Mont Wethington, Richard Wesley, and Jack Bell.  Bartle Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements."   (obituary: Newspaper unknown)

Although the newspaper for the preceding two obituaries is not definitively determined, The Casey County News has been published in Liberty since 1904; hence, it is reasonable presumption that this is the newspaper in which these two obituaries appeared.
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3a. Kentucky Land Patent No. 66202;  Grantee: Richards, W. D.; 17 acres; County: Casey; Water Course: Dawson Cr. Green R.; Survey Name: Richards, W. D.;  Survey Date: 4/Nov/1897; Grant Date: 20/Jun/1900; (Warrant No. 6: 0): Grant Bk. 119, pg. 50.

 b. Kentucky Land Patent No. 66393;  Grantee: Richards, James P.; 2 1/2 acres; County: Casey; Water Course: Dawson Cr. Green R.; Survey Name: Richards, James P.;  Survey Date: 14/Jan/1901; Grant Date: 21/Jun/1901; (Warrant No. 6: 0): Grant Bk. 119, pg. 245.
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