Mercy Bonham
   b: ~1727 - Hunterdon Co., NJ
  d: 5/Aug/1797 - Burlington Co., NJ

Father: Nehemiah Bonham
Mother: Ann Stout

Spouse-1: John Smith - b: 14/Jul/1724 - Hopewell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ
 d: Aug-Sep/1744

Spouse-2: Vincent Runyon

Biographical Details:

There is some uncertainty as to the name of Mercy Bonham, who is identified alternatively as "Marcy" or "Mary".  Even so, the will of her second husband, Vincent Runyon, definitely identifies her as "Mercy".  She was the daughter of Nehemiah and Ann Stout Bonham and born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, about 1727.  It is believed that her first husband was John Smith, although his first name is not certain.  Furthermore, it is believed that he died in the late summer of 1744 in an outbreak of infectious disease that may have been either scarlet fever or diphtheria.1,2  Subsequently, she married Vincent Runyon.  It would seem that Mercy Bonham Smith Runyon had no children with either of her husbands.  Even so, some researchers attribute four sons to Vincent and Mercy Runyon, viz., Bonham, Vincent, Jr., John, and Absalom, as well an undetermined number of daughters.  Of these, it is implied by his father's will that Vincent, Jr., was deceased by 1770; however, his mother was probably not Mercy Bonham Runyon, but rather Alse Curtiss Runyon, Vincent's first wife.  There is no credible evidence for any other children.  In any case, Vincent and Mercy Bonham Smith Runyon remained resident in Hunterdon County for the rest of their lives.  Mercy died in 1797.  No burial place is known.
Source Notes and Citations:
1. Howard Eugene Bonham and Jean Allin, Bonham and Related Family Lines, Bonham Book(s), 5104 Bridlington Ln., Raleigh, NC, 27612, printed by Genie Plus, Bradenton, FL, 1996: pg. 130.
     "John Smith, son of Andrew & Sarah (Stout) Smith, was one of the four brothers and one sister-in-law, Anna Hixson, all of whom died in the period of Aug 8 to Sep 7, 1744 of 'sore trote' (sic) being either scarlet fever or diphtheria, according to the records.  After the death of John (?) Smith, Mary married (2) Vincent Runyon as his second wife.  Vincent had married (1) Alse/Alice Curtis, who was a daughter of Thomas & Alse (Merrill) Curtis.  Yincent was a son of Thomas, Sr. & Martha (Dunn) Runyon; grandson of Vincent & Ann (Boutcher Runyon."
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2. Geri Halstead, "Under the Runyon Tree", Section III, June 1983, pg. 40a.  (cited op. cit. (H. E. Bonham): pg. 556.)
     "Mary/Marcy/Mercy Bonham married (1) John (?) Smith, who died during the outbreak of 'sore trote' in 1744.  At the time of his death Mary would be ca age 18.  She married (2) Vincent Runyon, ca 1745; died 5 Aug 1797."
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Additional Citations:

3. Abraham Van Doren Honeyman (ed), New Jersey Archives - First Series (alt. title Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Adminstrations, Etc. Vol. V: 1771-1780), New Jersey Historical Society, Trenton, NJ, The MacCrellish & Quigley Co., Printers, Trenton, NJ, 1931: Vol. 34, pg. 439.

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