Ephraim Bonham
  b: 14/Feb/1716(1717) - Maidenhead Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ
  d:  22/May/1785 - Philadelphia, PA

Father: Hezekiah Bonham, Sr.
Mother: Mary Bishop

Spouse-1: Elizabeth Morris

Spouse-2:  Susannah Jones - b: 25/Sep/1722
   d: 28/Jan/1794 - Philadephia, PA
  m: 23/Dec/1742 - Philadephia, PA

Child-1: Jane - b: 16/Sep/1743 - Philadelphia, PA
                       d: Aug/1744 - bur: 19/Aug/1744 - Christ's Church Cem., Philadelphia
          2: William - b: 4/Feb/1744(1745) - Philadelphia, PA
                            d: Aug/1746 - bur: 15/Aug/1746 - Christ's Church Cem., Philadelphia
          3: Susannah - b: 4/Dec/1746 - Philadelphia, PA
          4: Jane - b: 27/Nov/1748 - Philadelphia, PA
                        d: Feb/1752 - bur: 29/Feb/1752 - Christ's Church Cem., Philadelphia
          5: William - b: 1/Oct/1750 - Philadelphia, PA
                            d: 3/Oct/1826 - Northumberland Co., PA
                           m: Elizabeth Taggart - 30/Nov/1771 - Philadelphia, PA
          6: Ephraim - b: 22/Feb/1752 - Philadelphia, PA
                             d: Jul/1759 - bur: 19/Jul/1759 - Christ's Church Cem., Philadelphia
          7: Mary - b: 25/Jan/1754 - Philadelphia, PA
                         d: Nov-Dec/1756 - bur: 7/Dec/1756 - Christ's Church Cem., Philadelphia
          8: Humphrey - b: 25/Apr/1755 - Philadelphia, PA
                                d: May-Jun/1756 - bur: 5/Jun/1756 - Christ's Church Cem., Philadelphia
          9: Sarah - b: 21/Jun/1756 - Philadelphia, PA
                          d: Sep-Oct/1757 - bur: 6/Oct/1757 - Christ's Church Cem., Philadelphia
        10: Rebecca - b: 8/Aug/1757 - Philadelphia, PA
        11: Susannah - b: 30/Dec/1758 - Philadelphia, PA
                               d: Aug/1759 - bur: 28/Aug/1759 - Christ's Church Cem., Philadelphia
        12: Mary - b: 6/Oct/1760 - Philadelphia, PA
        13: Blathwaite - b: 10/Nov/1762 - Philadelphia, PA

Biographical Details:

Ephraim Bonham, son of Hezekiah Bonham, Sr., and his second wife, was born February 14, 1716 (1717 N. S.), almost certainly in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and should not be confused with the son of his half brother, Samuel.  Indeed, they were contemporaries so it is not surprising that they may have been confused by later researchers.  Within this context, few specific details are known of Ephraim's life; however, it is generally believed that he married Elizabeth Morris as his first wife.  They apparently had no children, which suggests that she died young.  This presumption is supported by Ephraim's subseqent marriage to Susannah Jones on December 23, 1742.  It is further believed that the couple married in Philadelphia, but this is not certain.  In any case, they apparently lived in the city of Philadelphia, although Ephraim Bonham was identified as a debtor to the estate of Joseph Reed in Hunterdon County in 1774.  However, this does not necessarily imply that he was resident in New Jersey and, moreover, it is possible that this was, rather, a reference to his nephew having the same name.1  Indeed, on almost exactly the same date in July of 1774, the will of Rebecca Crapp of Philadelphia named "kinsman" Ephraim Bonham as executor of her estate.2  Moreover, it is clear from the context of the will that he was the husband of her niece, Susanna, and also that he was a maker of tallow candles.  Indeed, this was an important and profitable occupation during the colonial period since candles were an essential item of everyday use.  Accordingly, the names of Ephraim Bonham and his son, William, appeared on tax lists for the city of Philadelphia in the years 1780 and 1781.  Moreover, it would seem that Ephraim was quite prosperous at this time.  He died in Philadelphia on May 22, 1785.

Within this context, thirteen children have commonly been attributed to Ephraim and Susannah Jones Bonham, but only two sons, William and Blathwaite, seem to have survived to adulthood to be named in their mother's will in 1794.3  Accordingly, it appears that eight of these children were buried in Christ's Church Cemetery in Philadelphia, viz., Jane, William (not to be confused with the surviving William), a second Jane, Ephraim (junior), Mary, Humphrey, Sarah, and Susannah.  No burial records are known for the three additional daughters, viz., Rebecca, another Susannah, and a second Mary, but it is probable that they also died young since there was no further mention of them in estate settlements or any other civil records.  Of these eleven children, some researchers have asserted that Sarah survived and married Albert Covenhoven on May 21, 1779, in Piscataway, New Jersey.  However, neither the work of Hazie or H. E. Bonham affirms this and, in addition, H. E. Bonham cites a burial record indicating that Sarah, in fact, died at the age of one year in the fall of 1757.  Therefore, the wife of Albert Covenhoven should not be identified as a daughter of Ephraim and Susannah Bonham, although it is, perhaps, likely that she was a descendant of Nicholas Bonham.  Likewise, it is has been thought that the younger daughter, Susannah, survived and subsequently married.  Indeed, there is a record of a marriage between Susannah Bonham and William Robinson in Christ Church in Philadelphia on November 23, 1797; however, she was likely one of the granddaughters mentioned in Susannah Jones Bonham's will instead of a daughter.  Thus, it is probable that both daughters named Susannah died as children, although there is only one corresponding burial record.  Nothing further is known of Blathwaite Bonham, but it is well documented that William Bonham left Philadelphia and subsequently settled in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, where he had many descendants.

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