Portland State University - Physics Department

Dr. Erik Bodegom

Professor Emeritus
Department of Physics

Phone: 503-725-4230
Fax: 503-725-2815

Office: 150 SRTC

Mailing Address:
Portland State University
Department of Physics
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751



Current and Past Courses:
  Computational Physics
Spring 20
  University Studies Capstone
W+S 20
Wacky or real? or
How Things Work, or Should...
Fall 20

Noise correction in digital images (patent)
Charge Coupled Devices
Tensile strength of cryogens
Other things cryogenic
Intraoral Jaw Tracking (patent)  
  Charged Particle Telescope

Educational activities:
  Lessons or activities for the IOLab lab
IOLab software for Mac
PDFtk software for Mac
Tracker software for Mac
Install script for Mac
For PCs: use the installer (IOLab labs) for everything, including the activities
Funded by the National Science Foundation

  American Association of Physics Teachers: Local Host Annual Summer Meeting 2010  
  Department Chair PSU Physics 1992-2010  
  Lab to Market: Entrepreneurship Program  
Astronomy exercises
Starview: Seeing the Night Sky Online
  Vernier LabPro resistance probes  

Oregon Academy of Science


Portland State University - Physics Department
September, 2020