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Welcome to the home page of Dr. Christina Hulbe, Professor of Geology at Portland State University, glaciologist, and concerned inhabitant of a busy, busy planet. This page provides an overview of my teaching, research, and some thoughts that occupy my mind. These pages are not fancy (I write them up using emacs) but hey, they can be read using lynx.

What I do for a living at Portland State University.


of the Department of Geology


current research

general reading on climate & cryosphere

International Glaciological Society

beyond the ivory tower

  • the Seville Statement on Violence 1986: biology does not condemn humanity to war


  • know your rights (in the U.S.)

  • how to be an ally (pdf) by Frances Kendall

  • Feminism 101

  • What if

  • racialicious, a blog

  • Realclimate, a blog written by real climate scientists.

  • All Creatures two photos of me

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