Dr. Bonnie Miksch, Associate Professor


Portland State University

Music Department




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Bonnie Miksch, a composer and performer whose music embraces multiple musical universes, creates both acoustic and electroacoustic works.  She is passionate about music which moves beyond abstract relationships into the boundless realm of emotions and dreams. An avid consumer of musical possibilities, she strives to create coherent musical environments where diverse musical elements can coexist. She is best known for her computer music which generally involves the participation of live instruments and voice.  


Recent notables include being awarded Oregon's Composer of the Year by the Oregon Music Teachers Association and having a choral work The Ballad of Y2K banned for performance at a local church.  Her music has been performed in Asia, Europe, Canada, and throughout the United States.  Every tendril, a wish, a recording of her electroacoustic music, is available on the North Pacific Music label. On most days she can be heard whistling or singing  in the passageways of Lincoln Hall at Portland State University where she teaches composition, theory, and computer music.