Cameron M. Smith
March 2000
See notes at end of file.

IND-BEA Indet bead
IND-DEA Indet deartifact
IND-IND Indet indeterminate
IND-PER Indet perforator
IND-PIP Indet smoking pipe
ANT-CHI Antler chisel
ANT-DEB Antler debitage
ANT-HVA Antler harpoon valve
ANT-IND Antler indeterminate
ANT-PER Antler perforator
ANT-RAW Antler raw
ANT-TIN Antler tine end
ANT-WEG Antler wedge
ANT-WKI Antler worked item
AB-DEA Antler/Bone deartifact
AB-CHW Antler/Bone chisel/wedge
AB-DEB Antler/Bone debitage
AB-HVA Antler/Bone harpoon valve
AB-IND Antler/Bone indeterminate
AB-PER Antler/Bone perforator
BON-BEA Bone bead
BON-INC Bone beaver incisor
BON-BIP Bone bipoint
BON-BUT Bone butcher marked
BON-CAN Bone canine
BON-CHI Bone chisel
BON-CHW Bone chisel/wedge
BON-DEA Bone deartifact
BON-DEB Bone debitage
BON-DEC Bone decorated
BON-HVA Bone harpoon valve
BON-IND Bone indeterminate
BON-MOD Bone modified
BON-PEN Bone pendant
BON-PER Bone perforator
BON-ROD Bone rodent incisor
BON-SEA Bone sea lion canine
BON-SHA Bone shark tooth
BON-TUR Bone turtle shell
BON-WEG Bone wedge
BON-CHW Bone wedge/chisel
BON-WKI Bone worked item
BS-BEA Bone/Shell bead
CER-IND Ceramic indeterminate
CER-PIP Ceramic smoking pipe
CLA-BAK Ceramic baked item
CLA-FIG Clay figurine
FIB-BAS Fiber basketry
FIB-KNO Fiber knotted item
FOS-FOS Fossil fossilized item
GLA-BEA Glass bead
GLA-BOT Glass bottle mouth
GLA-CUT Glass cutter
GLA-DEA Glass deartifacted
GLA-HIST Glass historic
GLA-IND Glass indeterminate
GLA-SCR Glass scraper
GLA-SLA Glass slag
GLA-TUB Glass tube
HORN-CAS Horn horn core cast
LIT-ABR Lithic abrader
LIT-ADZ Lithic adze
LIT-AZC Lithic adze/celt
LIT-ANV Lithic anvil
LIT-BOW Lithic bowl
LIT-BPC Lithic BPC item
LIT-CLU Lithic club
LIT-COR Lithic core
LIT-CUT Lithic cut
LIT-DEA Lithic deartifacted
LIT-DEC Lithic decorated
LIT-GRA Lithic grave
LIT-GUN Lithic gun flint
LIT-HAM Lithic hammer
LIT-IND Lithic indeterminate
LIT-IGS Lithic indeterminate ground stone
LIT-MPS Lithic maul/pestle
LIT-MBO Lithic mortar/bowl
LIT-NET Lithic net weight
LIT-PER Lithic perforator
LIT-PIG Lithic pigment
LIT-POI Lithic point
LIT-RAW Lithic raw
LIT-RUB Lithic RUM b
LIT-RUC Lithic RUM cobble
LIT-RUU Lithic RUM u
LIT-SAW Lithic saw
LIT-SCR Lithic scraper
LIT-SHA Lithic shaver
LIT-WEG Lithic wedge
MTL-SHE Metal .22 shell
MTL-BAL Metal baling wire
MTL0-BAR Metal barbed wire
MTL-BEA Metal bead
MTL-BOL Metal bolt
MTL-COI Metal coin
MTL-DEC Metal decorated
MTL-HOO Metal hook
MTL-IND Metal indeterminate
MTL-MUS Metal musket ball
MTL-NAI Metal nail
MTL-PEN Metal pendant
MTL-POI Metal point
MTL-RIN Metal ring
MTL-RNA Metal roofing nail
MTL-SHE Metal sheet
MTL-SHO Metal shotgun percussion cap
MTL-SQN Metal square nail
MTL-THI Metal thimble bead
MTL-WAS Metal washer
MTL-WOO Metal wood screw
MTL-STP Metal wood staple
MTL-WIR Metal wire
PLA-DOL Plastic doll part
PLA-IND Plastic indeterminate
SHE-BAR Shell barnacle
SHE-BEA Shell bead
SHE-DEA Shell deartifact
SHE-DEN Shell dentalia bead
SHE-AGG Shell aggregation
SHE-HIN Shell hinge
SHE-LBD Shell limpet bead
SHE-WKI Shell worked item
SHE-DOL Shell sand dollar
SHE-IND Shell indeterminate
WOO-IND Wood indeterminate
WOO-PEG Wood peg
WOO-PEN Wood pendant
WOO-PLA Wood plank
WOO-WKI Wood worked item

NOTE: Artifact type RUM indicates lithic item 'Retouched, Utilized or Modified'. This is an item bearing features distinctive of human use, but indistinctive of that use. RUM b = RUM item, bifacial. RUM cobble = RUM on cobble (opposed to most smaller RUM items on fine-grained lithics). RUM FCR = RUM fire-cracked rock. RUM u = RUM uniface.