Steve McCarty is a Professor in Japan with a Japanese family and President of the World Association for Online Education (WAOE), which is hosted at Portland State University (PSU). Steve is from Boston and his reverse culture shock is rediscovering how the U.S. has changed via the Net. This page serves to bookmark links accessible from various computers, and visitors are welcome to enjoy what Steve reads.

Major internal sites are Steve's online projects, publications (an Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library 4-star site), home pages in English and Japanese, and WAOE President. See screen shots in the second section below for more links.

News and Views that Steve reads:

Google News (U.S. centered but somewhat global)

New York Times Opinion (linked to international news)

CNN International

Japan-U.S. Discussion Forum

Japan Today (with a BBS to comment on the news)

News on Japan

The Japan Times

Democracy Now

Information Clearing House

Tokyo Global Communications Platform

Archives of DEOS-L (distance education)

Steve's Sites

Japancasting podcasting blog | Intercultural Literacy blog

English home page

Japanese home page

English version of online publications (over 165 links)

Japanese annotated publications (about 225 items)

Site map to bookmark

Bilingual Haiku Scroll

Internet English classes

Guides to Shikoku Island where Steve lived for over 20 years.
WAOE main site at Portland State University

WAOE President

Mainly for Steve's use:

Japanese Web mail

WAOE Web mail at PSU

WAOE Views archives

Maintaining WAOE Discussion Lists

Maintaining WAOE Intercultural Literacy Blog

Inventory of WAOE Commissioned Sites

WAOE WebBoard

Yahoo! - My Groups

Japanese Google

Excite translation between Japanese and English

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