Carl C. Wamser
Professor of Chemistry Emeritus
Portland State University

Retirement Symposium, September 28, 2012

Carl Wamser Summer Research Scholarship

Professor Carl C. Wamser
Department of Chemistry
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon 97207-0751

(503) 725-4261

current resume


Organic Chemistry (last time) : CH 334 (F'12) / CH 335 (W'13) / CH 336 (S'12)
Solar Energy (summer 2009)
Chemistry Workshops Project
Chemistry ConcepTests Project


Research Group Members
Solar Energy at PSU
Research Program

Misc. Scholarly Activities


Linus Pauling Medal Symposium - Portland, Fall 2009
George Hammond Symposium - San Diego, April 2001
Chemistry & Music:The Hiller Symposium - Orlando, Aug 1996


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