Carl C. Wamser
Professor of Chemistry Emeritus
Portland State University

Retirement Symposium, September 28, 2012

Professor Carl C. Wamser
Department of Chemistry
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon 97207-0751

(503) 725-4261

current resume


Organic Chemistry (last time) : CH 334 (F'12) / CH 335 (W'13) / CH 336 (S'12)
Solar Energy (summer 2009)
Chemistry Workshops Project
Chemistry ConcepTests Project


Research Group Members
Solar Energy at PSU
Research Program

Misc. Scholarly Activities


Linus Pauling Medal Symposium - Portland, Fall 2009
George Hammond Symposium - San Diego, April 2001
Chemistry & Music:The Hiller Symposium - Orlando, Aug 1996


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