Arthropod Phylogenomics:
Genomes and Sytematics

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April. 2011

Invited speaker at "Internationale
Vogelspinnenbörse" of the
Vogelspinnen IG Stuttgart-
Ludwigsburg e.V. Germany. Talk
entitled "Insights on the evolution
of neotropical tarantulas using

Dec. 2010

Co-author on the fabulous paper
on arthropods which provides a
wealth of evidence in favour of
a group of mandibulates, using
morphology, phylogenomics and
microRNAs to provide synthesis.
Free text available on publishers
site for in this link

Stuart J. Longhorn Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

USA Mailing Address

Department of Biology
P.O. Box 751
Portland State University
Oregon 97201-0751

Masta Lab Phone : 01-503-725-3855

Photo: Chiquibul national park, Belize - Looking out over the tropics (era muy bonita!)
Broad Research Interest:
Understanding patterns of arthropod diversity
(esp. arachnids and insects) using novel approaches
for generating large-scale datasets, primarily ESTs
or mitogenomic approaches.
I focus on how genetic fragments can be used
most effectively to estimate taxonomic relationships.
Overview of Ongoing Research:
E-Mail (USA):


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Mitogenomic analyses of arachnids using complete mt. genomes

Phylogenomic analyses of insect orders using ribosomal proteins

Comparative transcriptomic analysis of Coleoptera using EST sequences

Conservation genetics of Brachypelma tarantulas

Photo: Brachypelma fossorium male

If I'm elsewhere in the world (hopefully collecting spiders) and don't answer the above address, use:

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And then the ubiquitous link to pictures (but to be added soon - sorry):
Collecting Trips. Mexico 2010. Oaxaca and Veracruz. Searching for
elusive small brown genera of therahosids. Honduras 2011. Cusuco
National Park, initial survey of arachnids, especially tarantulas.
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