The Dahlstrom Projects

This page is devoted to the writing and recollections of Dr. Carl Enoch William Leonord Dahlstrom, late professor of English, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Portland State College and Portland State University.

For the PSU Center for Excellence in Writing, I am preparing a small book on Nina Mae Kellogg Dahlstrom, for whom her husband endowed scholarships and an annual lecture.

My major work is Dead Classics: A Memoir of the Humanities, a biography of Professor Dahlstrom centering on the sixties and seventies, a golden age for the English department and the Humanities at PSU. In the nineties, the public library system fought for it's life by marketing means: flashy renovations, and bookstore formats and collections . No longer is it an archive of culture, an arsenal of information for our democracy.

Rosalie V. Grafe
BA English, PSC 1964

Nina Mae Kellogg Dahlstrom Document (Proposed Outline)

I. Visit to house on Davis St.

A. House and grounds

1."Book Gardner"
2. Neighbors
3. Housekeeping
4. Asceticism
5. Typewriters
6. Inheritance

B. Hospitality
1. Greeting
2.Popovers and tea
3. Conversation
4. Leavetaking

II. Nina Mae, Beloved Wife

A. Class Announcement
B. Recollections
1. Last days
2 Beloved wife
a. Post WWI
b. Ann Arbor
c. Exodus
d. Vanport
e. Friend
f. P.E.O.

III. Establishment of Scholarship/Lectureship

B. Humanities
C. Early programs
D. April 2003 Event

Dead Classics: A Memoir of the Humanities

I The Writing On the Wall

A. Multnomah County Library1998
B. Portland State College 1962

II The New Jerusalem

A.Grand Rapids 1915?
B.Horcheim am Rhein, 1918
C.University of Michigan 1919

III Life of the Mind

A. Portland 1963
B.Dufur 1968
C.Portland 2002

IV AEF 1918

A. Embarkation
B. Camera Case Record
C. Disembarkation

Part V The Right to be Honest
A.Private Persons
B.The Frame-Up
C.University of Michigan 1954?
D.Portland 1998-9

Part VI The Life of the Mind Portland: The Archive
A.Integrity and Teaching
B. Friends and Friendship
C.Students, and Generation Gap

Part VII Losses and Comforts
A. Family Life
B Friends
C. Career

Part VIII Gains and Examples

Part IX Correspondence in the New Millennium
B.Bound Letters
C Fellow Students

Part IX Scholarship Lecture April 2003
A.Hospital Visit 1980
B.Last letter

Documents and Sources

Concerning Proposals for a Good Life and a Good Society, Carl E.W.L.Dahlstrom, Portland Satate College, 1971
Utterances, Mutterances, and Sputterances From Grandfather's Rocking Chair, Selected, Copiled, Bowdlerized, and Edited by The Rev. Charles M. Riverdale, Jr. [Dr. Carl E.W.L.Dahlstrom], unpublished

The Generation Gap, Carl E.W.L.Dahlstrom, unpulished

Some Contemporary Theses, Carl E.W.L.Dahlstrom, Portland State College, c.1970

Assyrische Lesestuke mit den Elementen der Grammatik und Vollstandigem Glossar, Eimfuhrunng in die assyrische und semitisch=babylonische Keilschriftliteratur fur akademischen Gebrauch und Selbstunterricht, von Friedrich Desitzsch, funfte neu bearbeitete Auflage, J.C.Hinrichs'she Buchhandlung 1912

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Nina Mae Kellogg Dahlstrom: printed as a manuscript for the surviving relatives of Nina Mae Kellogg Dahlstrom by Carl E.W.L. Dahlstrom, c.2, July 10, 1963

Letters to a Student: correspondence and reminiscences of Dr. Carl E.W.L.Dahlstrom by Rosalie V. Grafe, GrafeWorks, 1998

The College That Would Not Die: The first fifty years of Portland State University 1946-1996 by Gordon B. Dodds, Oregon Historical Society Press, in collaboration with Portland State University, 2000

Peter Jessen's Materials

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8 Journal Articles, 1934-1954
Octogenarian, Carl E.W.L.Dahlstrom, 1978
The 180 Degree Turn, Carl E.W.L.Dahlstrom, 1975
Two Highly Important Matters for our Day, Carl E.W.L.Dahlstrom, 1972


But there will also, I think, always be men and women who will transcend material existence. They will attain more and suffer more than others. But they will live significant lives. ...Perhaps this is only tinkling brass. But you can always be comforted by the feeling that you have elected to be a human being of good will and good faith. You have elected consciously to try to live up to your good will and good faith. I am convinced that it will support you and give you strength in the roles that you assume as well as those you take up voluntarily.

Letters to a Student: Correspondence and Reminiscences of Dr. Carl E.W.L. Dahlstrom,
Rosalie V. Grafe, Ed.
GrafeWorks 1999, p.86