Friday December 19, 2014

John Rueter

Environmental Science and Management
Portland State University

PO Box 751
Portland, Oregon 97207-0751

Lab: Science Bldg 1 - room 414

Phone: 503-725-3194
Fax: 503-725-????







Fall 2014

ESM101 - Hybrid Version: Introduction to Env Sci

ESM101 - Fully online - on D2L


Winter 2015

ESM102 Introduction to Environmental Science II

Spring 2015

ESM 473/573

Algae Research

Upper Klamath Lake

 Other writing

Diagnosing & Engaging with Complex
Environmental Problems

(on-line text for ESM101 and 102)

Net Work: Complex networks do real work in universities



Committees and other service

PSU Faculty Senate

ESM Curriculum Committee

ESM Learning Objectives


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