Peter Moeck (PhD)

Professor of Physics



pmoeck at pdx dot edu


Department of Physics

Portland State University

P.O. Box 751,

Portland, OR 97207-0751


phone: (503) 725 4227
departmental fax: (503) 725 2815


Science Resource and Teaching Building, SRTC,

office 404

1719 SW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR 97201


Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday

12.00 to 12:30 pm


Research interests

adaptation of geometric Akaike criteria to crystallographic symmetry classifications; crystallographic image processing for scanning probe microscopy; structural fingerprinting of nanocrystals in the transmission electron microscope; precession electron diffraction; nano and micrometer scale materials science and engineering; application of physical crystallography to materials problems of semiconductor technologies; open-access crystallographic databases; goniometry of direct and reciprocal lattice vectors;



leader of the Nano-Crystallography Research group



Currently taught courses


Introduction to Modern Physics (to undergraduates)


Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (to undergraduates both from STEM- and non-STEM fields)


Introduction to Nano-materials Science and Engineering (to advanced undergraduates and graduates from all science and engineering disciplines)


Materials Physics: Structure and physical properties of ordered and disordered condensed matter (to advanced undergraduates and graduates from all science and engineering disciplines that deal with condensed matter)



PhD/MS student supervisor


Adviser/Instructor for independent research projects





1993-1994    Practical Information Science

(correspondence course), FernUniversitaet Hagen (open university)


1989-1992    PhD in Crystallography

rating magna cum laude (1), Humboldt-Universitaet Berlin


1978-1983    Diploma in Crystallography

rating cum laude (2), Leipzig University



Since 2014          Tenured Professor

                            Portland State University, Department of Physics


2008-2014           Tenured Associate Professor

                            Portland State University, Department of Physics


2002-2008           Tenure-track Assistant Professor

                            Portland State University, Department of Physics


2000-2002           Research Assistant Professor

                            University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Physics, Interface Physics Group


1998-2000           Research Fellow (Electron Microscopist, Materials Scientist)

                            University of Oxford, Department of Materials, Semiconductor Group


1997-1998           Research Associate (X-ray Crystallographer, Materials Scientist) 

                            Interdisciplinary Research Center for Semiconductor Materials of the

                            Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (University of London)


1994-1997           Senior Research Assistant (X-ray Crystallographer, Materials Scientist)

                            University of Durham, Department of Physics, Condensed Matter Group      


1993-1994           Forensic Scientist / Public Analyst

                            Central Forensic Science Laboratories of the German state Brandenburg


1992-1993           Electron Microscopist, Computer Programmer, X-ray Crystallographer

                            Humboldt-University of Berlin, Institute for Crystallography and Materials 

                            Science and Technical University Berlin, Central Service Unit for Electron



1989-1991           Staff-PhD researcher (employed primarily to perform research)

                            Humboldt-University of Berlin, Institute for Crystallography and Materials



1987-1989           Scientific Assistant

                            Humboldt-University of Berlin, Institute for Crystallography and Materials



1983-1986           Entry level scientific staff member

                            Institute for Semiconductor Physics, Academy of Sciences


If interested in what I did some 15 to 20 years ago, have a look at some power point slides from a seminar (on aspects of the nanomaterials challenge, image-based nanocrystallography by means of transmission electron goniometry & how it might be developed into commercial products) I held at the FEI Company, Hillsboro Campus,

have a look at some power point slides from the second part of a lecture (on goniometry and direct crystallographic analyses in TEM) I held at the National Center for Electron Microscopy at Berkeley,

click here for some 30 power point slides (on epitaxial and endotaxial semiconductor quantum dots) of a lecture I held at Oregon State University at Corvallis,

click here for overheads in *.pdf format from a lecture (on materials science issues of compound semiconductors), I held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,

have a look at the overheads in *.pdf format from a popular science lecture (on creating atomic order in semiconductor quantum dots) I held at the Rochester Institute of Technology (I am sorry, there is always some mix-up with some symbols in *.pdf format.)

click here for a four slide power-point presentation on my research interests at that time



previously taught coursers


at Portland State University

Physical Metallurgy (Materials Science) for Engineers (to undergraduates)

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (to graduate and under graduate students)


at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Introductory College Physics (to undergraduates)


at the University of Oxford

Atomic force microscopy (to PhD students and interested colleagues, in partial fulfillment

of the requirements for certification as an adult education teacher in Great Britain)


to physics at Portland State University (PSU), to PSU

last updated: November 21, 2018

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